The Art & Science of Hospitality Branding

Discover the secrets to building a hospitality brand that will make your hotel, vacation rental, or resort stand out from the crowd and attract more guests! 🏨💫

In this exciting video, we chat about the art and psychology behind creating a successful brand that not only increases your average daily rental price but also ensures repeat stays and loyal customers.

Get ready to go behind the scenes with one of my favorite clients, Freewyld! 🎥🌴Launching Summer 2023 in beautiful Idyllwild, California, and with plans for expansion to new locations on the horizon. Freewyld is set to make waves in the hospitality industry.

Join me as we explore the steps we’ve been taking to build a distinctive and compelling brand that will leave a lasting impression. Let’s goooooo.

Brand Foundation

🏞️💫 I sat down with Eric, the visionary founder, to understand his brand’s desired impact and the cohesive experience he envisions for guests. From inspiring people to put down their phones and embrace the natural world to crafting unique and memorable experiences, Freewyld strives to help individuals reconnect with what truly matters.

But how does Freewyld differentiate itself in the competitive hospitality market?

We explore the brand’s key message of inspiring more meaningful moments and standing out in a crowded industry. With a perfect blend of unique experiences and the consistency of a top-notch hospitality brand, Freewyld aims to create an unforgettable and curated stay. 

Enter the world of brand archetypes and discover how Freewyld beautifully combines the Explorer and Creator archetypes, evoking a sense of adventure, elevation, and thoughtful design. 🌍✨ Plus, we explore the magnetic messages and values that Freewyld stands for, capturing the essence of its brand and building a proud community of guests. 

Beyond the external-facing aspects, we also dissect the importance of nurturing an internal culture that aligns with the brand’s vision. By understanding the foundational brand strategy, Freewyld can create consistent and compelling outward-facing cues, including brand communication, vocabulary, storytelling, and content themes that captivate its target audience. 🎯📣



Unleash the visual power of your brand identity!

From property design to print materials, direct booking websites, and online listings, every touchpoint is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique personality. 

Let’s start with the fun part: images! 📷

What types of images will best represent your property and capture the essence of your brand? And hey, do you have a logo? 🖼️ Having a logo can be a powerful way to connect people to your business and leave a lasting impression. We’ll also explore the world of colors, accents, textures, and fonts that will set your brand apart. 

These design decisions are key to communicating a subconscious, psychological impression that will leave guests wanting more. 🧠

By making these design choices in advance, you’ll pave the way for seamless brand integration and make everything else we’re about to discuss a breeze.

Working with Creatives

Welcome to the world of design and creating unforgettable physical spaces for your hospitality brand! ✨

In this section, we’ll explore how the design of your property can reinforce the same captivating messages we’ve cultivated in your online visual brand. Let’s dive in! 

First things first, let’s talk about the exciting process of creating a lookbook.  It’s like a sneak peek into the future design of your property, helping you make informed decisions about furniture choices, amenities, and all the little details that shape the overall guest experience. From art on the walls to carefully chosen products and consumables, each choice adds a unique touch and influences how people feel about your brand. 🖼️🛋️

We’ll also explore the exterior design of your property. Are you envisioning a cozy fire pit or a luxurious hot tub? 🌋🏞️ How about the overall style and ambiance? Rustic or modern? Every design decision, from signage to interiors, plays a role in creating a distinct and memorable brand identity. 

 Create a place that stands out, captivates your guests, and showcases the essence of your brand in a tangible and unforgettable way. Let’s make your property a true masterpiece! 



As a brand strategist, I understand that every touchpoint with your audience is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. So let’s chat about the next step: shaping the language and copy associated with your brand. 

From your direct booking website to the listings on various platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, we’ll infuse the language with the emotional resonance of your brand. It’s all about conveying that same unique vibe and creating a connection with your potential guests. 

We also need to think about the communication that happens throughout the guest journey. How do you answer questions, handle complaints, and ensure a seamless booking process? Even the transactional emails, such as confirmation and arrival instructions, present an opportunity to showcase your brand personality. 💌💫

To make a lasting impact, it’s crucial to create templates and standards for these various communication assets. This way, you can be intentional and avoid generic messages that fade into the background. Average just won’t cut it! Instead, let’s surprise, delight, and immerse your guests in an unforgettable brand experience. 

Take the time to define your communication standards, scripts, and templates, and apply them consistently across all touchpoints. By doing so, you’ll create a cohesive and memorable journey that leaves people raving about their experience.


Customer Loyalty

Welcome to the final piece of the puzzle in building a remarkable hospitality brand! We have an exciting goal: to foster repeat stays and create a sense of belonging. How do we achieve that?

By inviting people to become a part of the Freewyld community and engage with us both offline and online. 🌍🏡💫

As we craft the Freewyld brand, our focus is on creating a tribe of “Wylders” who not only stay at our properties but actively participate in the brand’s online presence and community. We’re talking about social media content, captivating YouTube videos, and a vibrant email list where we provide value beyond the physical aspects of our offerings. 

By building layers of nuance, detail, and storytelling, we create an immersive experience that resonates with our audience—whether they’re on our property or not. We want them to feel connected to the brand, its values, and the stories we share. It’s about building a relationship that goes beyond a simple transaction. 

But that’s not all! To further incentivize repeat stays, we can offer exciting perks and benefits. Imagine discounts exclusively for returning guests or special privileges that make them feel appreciated and valued.  

🏡So, are you ready to join the Freewyld community and become a Wylder? Pack your bags, immerse yourself in our captivating content, and embark on a journey that transcends the physical boundaries of our properties. We’re here to create an extraordinary brand experience that keeps you coming back for more adventures. Let’s get wyld together!

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