Behind the Scenes: Tour My Home Office & Video Studio!

All aboard! The (virtual) tour bus 🚌 is loading… and in this week’s vlog post, I’m taking you BTS (behind-the-scenes) to check out my home office set up – including my video production studio!

I know you’ve seen certain angles… certain glimpses… But now you’ll get to see the entire space – from the oh-so-magical, camera-ready corners – to the not-so-glam, more practical parts of my set up. 

I’ve made very intentional choices about my home office space, because the space that we work in can…

  • house the practical tools we need to be productive
  • feed that entrepreneur 💡 ENERGY that we all need to show up and make the impact we desire!
  • serve as a “set” for creating videos, social media stories, etc; and
  • provide an opportunity to express our identities and personalities as a brand.

Whether you’re just getting started and setting up a home work space – or looking for ideas to re-design or tweak your current one – I know you’ll find inspiration here.

So, press play on these TWO videos below… (Yes, two videos!) 


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Peek behind the scenes on this insider tour of my home office - including my in-home video production studio!

Pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌



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