Are you hiding?

… Checking Facebook for the millionth time today, but you spend time in business groups so it’s “networking” and “research”, right?

… Reading blog article after article written by brilliant & successful entrepreneurs and wondering when it is going to be your time. Or if it is ever going to be your time.

… Outlining the next 6 months of business down to the letter… For the third time… But not really getting anything done.

… Getting swept up in an emergency that your client has for hours… As a favor to them. Because you want to over-deliver and are a really nice person.

… Grumbling under your breath when your man asks you to throw laundry in because you “have to work” but kill an hour anyway with the laundry, making a snack, and then scrolling through Facebook again before getting back to the important stuff.

… Listening to a really interesting podcast (Invisibilia) while you eat lunch … Because, learning. And inspiration. And taking an extra 30 minutes to finish the episode before getting back to work.




Please, don’t leave me hanging out here in self-inflicted procrastination land. Tell me I’m not the only one.

Ah, scratch that. I hope you do leave me out here. I hope you’re too busy dominating the world and slaying the really important dragons in your business to notice this little ol’ blog post.

But in the case that you are in the same boat as me, I want to share the advice I gave to a client today who is ALSO here in the boat. (Let’s at least say that we’re all in the same yacht. Better.)

When you’re hiding, procrastinating, or otherwise avoiding the things that you know will move your business forward, here is a simple reframe to get you back into action.

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When you work on your brand and on getting more visible (which often inspires the hiding and procrastination) remember that your work is going to draw in the very best clients for you to work with. By clearly representing who you are, the people who love and value the type of person you are will be drawn to you. Work gets easier. Client meetings are more fun. You’re able to charge a fair price for the work that you do because you’re working in your genius and your clients can see that. Everything gets easier after you do this work now.

And, the work that you do to define and build your brand isn’t *really* about you. By bringing your most impactful message to the world, you get to help and impact the lives of more people.   By sharing your work with more people, more people get the benefit of your knowledge, experience, and skills. If you spend time hiding and procrastinating you are depriving them of the product, service, or insight that can dramatically improve their life or business.


… How many people could you help?

… How would your income grow?

… What kind of experience could you gain?

… How would your life look?

See, there is magic in doing. In launching. In getting visible. Opportunities flow to you. Every day that you complete something towards your dream, you are proving to yourself that it is possible.

Every new client that you attract is another person’s life and business you get to positively impact.

Let’s do this together.



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