Get Fluent in your Brand Archetype to Attract More Ideal Clients

Leveraging your brand archetype allows you to:


» Stand out against the competition with a compelling message

» Be more YOU, without all the comparisonitis or imposter syndrome

» Make brand decisions faster and with more confidence

» Turn people into raving fans, happy to pay what you deserve

In order for a brand to truly thrive, there HAS TO BE brand clarity. So instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions for every identity crisis, I’ve developed a course for each brand archetype.

With Brandfluency, you’ll develop an understanding of your brand on a psychological level; unlocking the secret love language of your brand and your customers.

Choose from 12 different courses; one for each of the 12 Brand Archetypes.

Discovering my brand archetype was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I had a framework through which to think about my brand which enabled me to communicate more effectively and ultimately better serve my audience. Also being able to leverage Kaye’s expertise around branding was a true gift as I felt like I had a true expert on my side.

I want to share everything I know about brand archetypes.

Deep insight into your brand identity (aka Brandfluency) simplifies decision-making and fosters strong bonds between your brand and your people. When you build a brand based in psychology and your unique personality, you’ll attract the perfect clients for you.

When you help people with your work, it creates a ripple effect of impact and possibility. That’s why I’m SO excited for the opportunity to help you help even more people, and make the future a little brighter for all of us.

Introducing Brandfluency…

In-depth insights and actionable steps to make your brand more true to YOU.


With 12 different psychology-based courses to choose from, you’ll get ideas & insight that are *actually* relevant to your business. By leaning into your natural strengths and innate advantages, you can stop being who you think you’re supposed to be and focus on who you really are, and how you show up at your best.

Want to hear the best part?
Qualified, dream clients are attracted to that clarity like a magnet.

I’m not here to tell you who your brand is –

I’m here to teach you how to show it off.

With a clear, impactful message, your brand can become its best, truest self…
and attract its most valuable and loyal clients or customers.

“Who died and made you the ‘Oracle of Archetypes’ anyway?”

I wish I could take credit for it, but it’s not magic. I didn’t invent archetypes – they are a proven psychology-backed branding method, designed to help your business form meaningful connections with your audience.

I wouldn’t consider myself anything special, buuuuuuut – my Brand Archetype Quiz has been taken over 100,000 times, and I’ve successfully guided thousands of brands using this practice.

So, if that makes me an oracle, I won’t fight it. 😉

Life changing amazing stuff going on here...

I have to tell you I am having this INCREDIBLE EPIPHANY... it's like my whole life story is falling into place... it's a multi-generational story and it suddenly makes SO MUCH SENSE and it's central to who I am... I am 58 years old and suddenly my whole life makes sense to me!!! I am a professional counselor of 30 years and I've been wandering around lost in a dessert not having a clue about my core message UNTIL NOW!!! LIFE CHANGING AMAZING STUFF going on here.

Here’s what you’ll learn

» How your brand archetype makes people feel, and what keeps them coming back time and time again.

» The strengths and weaknesses of your brand archetype, and how to use your individual subtype to best suit your endeavors.

» The key steps to align your values, skills, and personality with your brand… in a MEANINGFUL way.

» How to identify other brands who share the same archetype, and how to gauge success.

» The types of original content most beneficial to your business (and the best ways to share).

» Fool-proof design tips to make your brand stand out for the *right* reasons.

I’ve got you covered with a step-by-step workbook, never-before-seen content, and personalized video lectures.

Uncover Your Brand Archetype Strategy

We’ll start with the foundational elements of your archetype.

What makes your brand different?

Why do people love it?

How does it make them feel?

We’ll assess your brand values and attributes, and identify common pitfalls to avoid. Plus, we’ll take a look at well-known brands, celebrities, and slogans that share your characteristics – helping you personify your brand for more concise, visual decision-making.

Inspire Your Messaging

Your brand’s message needs to be cohesive and compelling – from the ‘About Us’ page and Blog to interviews and email campaigns.

You’ll learn which types of content resonate best with your audience, and handy best sharing practices.

We’ll develop your brand’s voice with a written cadence that *speaks* to your audience and excites them.

Catchy product/newsletter naming, strategic point-of-view, and gripping calls-to-action are among the many skills you’ll acquire.

Hone In On Archetype-Specific Visuals

In the highly competitive world of online entrepreneurship, it isn’t enough to have a killer product or service. If your brand isn’t visually appealing, you’ll inevitably lose out.

We’ll go over design themes, stock image samples, branded photos, color schemes, fonts, and more… Your brand can have it all.

Live Your Archetype Inside & Out

By getting to know your Brand Archetype, you’re getting a powerful tool to make ALL business decisions

Pinpoint and implement policies and brand experiences that support your inner-archetype and ignite your audience.

Here’s a recap of what your investment gets you…

» Unlimited access to personalized content. With psychology-based branding insights and strategies, you’ll learn how to leverage your brand’s innate qualities for ultimate success.

» Focused video training, exclusive to YOUR archetype. Brands aren’t one-size-fits-all, so I’ve developed twelve different courses – one for each brand archetype. So you’ll get virtual coaching on YOUR brand type, from the comfort of home. Or work. Or Starbucks… You get the idea.

» A work-as-you-learn workbook. Track your branding progress and dig deeper into your brand persona with your very own workbook, taking you through each action step-by-step.

» A money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course after one week of training, I will happily provide a full refund.


For even more brand clarity,

you can purchase additional archetypes
with a $50 discount.

Join the Brandfluency to unlock the power of your brand archetype.

It gave me the "proof" I needed to embrace who I am and own it....

As a website designer/developer it may seem strange that I wanted to take a branding course. But I'm a lifetime learner and I believe in nurturing my skills and honing my craft. Your course helped me gain clarity and a new perspective on some things I had been thinking about in terms of messaging and brand personality. I realized that I'm a Sage. That was SO enlightening for me because it gave me the "proof" I needed to embrace who I am and own it instead of shying away.

Money-back Guarantee

If you don’t feel that Brandfluency is a good fit, I’ll return your investment to you within a week of purchase. I’m an entrepreneur, too, and I want you to be 100% happy with your decision. The refund is only available for your first program purchased.

Brandfluency is for you if…

» You’re lacking focus and direction in your business.

» Your brand hasn’t reached its full potential or doesn’t speak for itself.

» You often second-guess yourself or struggle with important decisions.

» You’d want to attract more clients who can appreciate your value and talent.

» …and you’d LOVE some coaching to give your brand an edge.


Will I need to be available at specific times to participate?

Nope! You can login and complete the course at your own pace, whenever you have time. The beauty of the Brandfluency courses is that they are designed to be easy-to-reference. So whenever you are working on a different aspect of your brand, you can come back and see the sections that relate to your current project. (I still reference the materials inside of the courses with EVERY client I work with!) 

How much time will this take?

It varies slightly depending on which archetype course you are in. Each course consists of 13 video lessons, a custom-built workbook, and loads of examples to reference. Each video is between 5-15 minutes, so the total watch time is under 2 hours. (Excluding bonus content.) The courses are designed to give you focused & potent ideas that you can take & implement into your brand – not to keep you watching hour after hour of video training. 

What if I sign up and decide it isn’t a great fit?
If you complete the course and don’t feel it’s right for you, I’ll issue a refund within 7 days*. Your happiness is important to me. *This only applies to your FIRST course purchased. If you buy additional archetype courses, that’s telling me that you enjoyed the insights in the first!
Do I NEED this course?

If you’re looking to launch or revamp your brand and create more meaningful connections with your ideal audience, you won’t find another program like this. With actionable insight and psychology-based brand strategies, Brandfluency exists to teach you how to *use* your brand to its full capacity.

What’s the ROI / how do I convince my boss?

Consider this program, if nothing else, an investment in your future clients. How many new clients would you need to book in order to pay for this course? If your brand was where you need it to be, what *could* you be charging for your product/service? And a little tough love: is improving your brand not a worthy investment?

I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, but if you do, this is a proven method to stand out and attract more of your ideal clients.

How does this differ from Brand New Brand?

My Brand New Brand program is a more comprehensive course that walks you through building a brand step-by-step (no matter which archetype you are.) The 12 Brandfluency courses are focused 100% on each specific archetype. BNB lays the foundation. Brandfluency gives you the insight to make it even better.

Join the Brandfluency to get on-brand ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

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