Fighting Resistance: Public Launch Experiment Part 3

I almost didn’t write this post.

I’ve been facing major RESISTANCE and avoiding my Brand New Brand course creation like the plague. My thought was, “Week 3 update?! What update??” As I was playing out this conversation in my head, I realized that not having an impressive update was exactly why I needed to write this post.

My Current State of Avoiding the Really Important Work

Have you ever faced resistance on a big project?

Tell me that I’m not the only one that sits at the edge of I know this is the most important thing for me to working on… but busy work feels better.

My rational brain knows what I should be doing right now. It’s rallying HARD for me to get the work done that matters (the darn course.)

  • A course will allow me to help more people (it’ll be more affordable to those just starting out and much cheaper than 1-on-1 work with me.)
  • It’ll allow people to work with me even when I’m not physically available to be on Skype or blocking off 8+ hours on a client project. For example, when I give birth and need to take care of a newborn wiggly for a few months.
  • It’s big ‘leverage point’ work. If I put in the hours now, I’ll be able to continue to build and leverage this work for years to come.

My lizard, fear-based brain has halted all progress this week.

  • What if NO ONE even looks at the sales page, much less buys the course? Why bother writing it.
  • Maybe I’ll just go into labor early, and I won’t have to deliver on what I committed to.
  • I have so much client work that I can’t block off a 4-hour consecutive block for it. I might as well not do anything.
  • I’m pregnant! No one would blame me if I just took it easy for the next few months…


Can someone knock some sense into me? I’m making myself sick with my nonsense.

The next steps for launching this thing are BIG.

Write the sales page.
Create slides & record the actual course content.
Translate everything I do with my one-on-one clients into a DIY format.
Bring together all of my notes from the last two years into digestible pieces.
Download my brain into this course.

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Overcome Your Launch Resistance (or Upper Limit Problem)

If you’ve ever faced the big bear of resistance (or perhaps an upper limit problem or two), I hope my action plan will help you:

Identify items on my “to do” list that are too ambiguous and break em down.

Right now, I have a step on there that says “Create course.” Ha. If only it were that easy. I’m going to search and destroy any other similar items into their smaller parts. For example, “Create Course” is being broken up into:

  • Design slide template
  • Design worksheet template
  • Outline full course
  • Outline full script
  • Identify exercises to include for each section
  • etc., etc.,

Schedule it or it won’t happen.

Once I have tasks that are doable in an hour or two block, they are going on my calendar. I’m not sure who first said it, but if it’s not scheduled it doesn’t exist. This hyper-scheduling is going to include some self-love time, my existing client work, and other blocks for maintenance tasks (like social media), so I’m realistic with what I can accomplish each week.

Find some accountability buddies.

I am totally grateful and lucky that I’ve made some amazing business buddies. Right now, I’m also a part of a mastermind. I’m asking those ladies to hold me accountable to my new outlines and deadlines. I’m also writing this post to loop YOU into my accountability tribe. Finding a way to be publicly accountable makes the thing you are avoiding much less avoidable.

Edit “must do” items that are “would like to do” items.

I have three weeks of daily periscopes on my to-do list that lead up to the free webinar and the course launch. While this would be nice and I DO need to be more visible in the weeks leading up to the launch, it’s not necessary TO LAUNCH. So that “to do” item is going to be adjusted to make more room in my schedule.

Assess your other priorities.

I haven’t been sitting here on my thumbs avoiding the course – I’ve been busy with paid client work, which is freaking fantastic. I love & adore my clients and have been able to produce some great work lately. However, I kept adding more and more value to my 1-day package until it took me ~3 days of work, which wasn’t sustainable at the current volume or pricing. I’ve completely reformatted the way people can work with me 1-on-1 with a new schedule and investment so that I have the space to do my best work. I’m also reassessing all of my “volunteer” and “favors” that I spend time working on to make sure they fit my current goals (and timeline!)

OK, Your Turn

What are your strategies to getting the really important (but not urgent) work done? Have you ever faced resistance in launching something new?

Comment below!

If you haven’t read them yet, catch up with my Launch Experiment updates from Week 1 and Week 2.



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