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You are one of my favorite types of people.

I love entrepreneurs.

You’ve built a successful business that you’re proud of. You have a great client base. You offer a proven mix of products.

Which means… you’re ready to take the next step. You’re ready to break through the “glass ceiling” of entrepreneurship. You want more than *successful*. You want to build a legacy.

I’m here to provide some tactics and advice specifically for you. The entrepreneur that’s ready to *level up* their future.

Because I’ve been you. Heck, I’m still you!  

Kaye Putnam Brand Strategist

My Branding Journey

When I started out, I was charging $700 for a VIP brand-building day.

It seemed like a fair price in line with the market. I was still honing my chops as a consultant. I had the experience, talent, and skills I needed to do great work. But, I was still developing my processes, client experience, and other details.

I found my time completely booked up but, income-wise, I was only breaking even. I wasn’t making any money. I love my clients. I love business (ask my hubby – it fills most of my leisure time, too.) But it didn’t make sense to take so much time away from my family, health, and home to only break even.

I was struggling with creating content & marketing materials consistently. I was in a cycle of overbooking clients, so I had no time to work on *my* brand. (Sound familiar?) Then suddenly, I’d have too much time because I hadn’t been marketing. There was a constant stop-start-stop-start. It was time to ask some hard questions about the structure of my brand.

Things like:

  • If I want to hire more employees, how can I make onboarding scalable?
  • Can I expand my client deliverables while also increasing profit margin?
  • How many clients would I need to work with if my goal is to bring home $200K? (Answer at the time: WAY too many.)
  • If I want to invest in masterminds, publicity, and live events to grow, where does it fit in my budget?
  • Is the time I’m spending working IN my business worth the sacrifice of not working ON my business?
  • Is my brand ready to be under more public scrutiny than ever? Does it truly reflect my best strengths and values?
It was time to completely restructure if I wanted to achieve the goals I said I wanted.
I wanted:

  • To spend more time adding value to my clients’ brands.
  • To focus my time on my zone of genius.
  • To hire a team to further improve the client experience and brand design.
  • To offer a more comprehensive brand strategy package.
  • To offer my expertise in more interviews and speaking engagements.
  • To have more flexibility for traveling with my family (I mean, I *do* live in Italy right now).
So after a bit of trial and error (complete transparency… over a year of trial and error), I found my sweet spot. I work with clients through my Clarity Code program. And the result for my clients? *So* much better than those initial 1-day projects a few years ago. We spend time getting to know the true personalities of their brands and create incredible deliverables as a result.

What steps are *you* taking to create your legacy?

#BrandingAbroad Words of Wisdom

Are you more of an audio/visual learner? Here’s some advice for upleveling your brand… delivered via locations around the world in my #BrandingAbroad video series. Psstt… want to see the latest content as it’s released? Join the In Demand Brand FB group:

You may be showing up in the world, but are you showing up enough? Frequency is your best friend when pushing your brand to the next level. Frequency ensures that your ideal clients aren’t *just* seeing you, but *remembering* you when they are ready to buy.
How are you be different than others in your industry? Do you focus your message and marketing around what sets you apart? Being different helps you be memorable. But your client must be educated to why it’s important. Why are you the “only” choice?
Having a great product or solution isn’t enough. How does your customer experience stand apart from the rest? How to do you shock and amaze your clients?
In the online world, the difference between getting by and thriving is determined by your visibility. Do you have an active audience? Can your clients find you? Are you showing up on the social media platforms that matter?
Were these helpful? What other questions do you have about expanding your brand? Email them to me ([email protected]) to get my brain on your brand, or better yet, let’s set up some time over the phone to discuss how I can assist evolving your brand.
The most exciting part was seeing my vision come to life even bigger and better than I could have imagined. I felt completely comfortable and confident with Kaye. Her brand archetype quiz is so helpful. After taking the quiz I saw that I was an Innocent. As we discussed it I thought, “YES! That is exactly what I want to put out there! I want simplicity with luxury.” And it really helped me stay focused and clear on the direction of the brand. The branding assets Kaye has given me has given me more confidence in my brand.

It was a pleasure and so much fun working with Kaye. It was so nice to put this major part of my to-do list in someone else’s hands. And I feel really great with the results. She saved me so much time and frustration, and gave me more clarity. It was exactly what I was looking for and more. Heidi Houston

CEO/Founder, Heidi Houston

Expand Your Brand Advice

When you’re looking to bring your brand to the “next level”, there are very strategic times when bringing a brand strategist into the mix will multiply your results. As you’re defining your challenges and motivations for improving your brand, here are the ways that a brand strategist can help maximize the transition.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You're working too much.
You switched to being an entrepreneur for freedom and you find yourself chained to your desk more than when you were in the corporate world. You are ready to grow your team so you can spend more time with family… or traveling… or {insert dream here}.

  • You need to define your foundational brand assets so that you have a clear, concise message to share with anyone you’re hiring to help with your brand.
  • My Brand Transformation clients get a brand book after our work together. This provides crystal clear clarity to anyone working for your brand. They’ll know what language they should use, how they should communicate with your clients, how your materials should be designed, etc.
Your brand isn't quite ready for the publicity you want.
It looks ok, but something’s missing. It just doesn’t fit with how you want your ideal clients to see you. You want a consistent, modern, and high quality look before you fully embrace the public eye.

  • You need to revisit your brand foundation. Take a step back and redefine your mission, values, and how you want to show up in the world. You must define the themes that are most important to you and emulate those themes and values to your audience.
  • I help my 1:1 clients define their unique archetypal mix and use those timeless themes and values to create a story that truly resonates with their brand personality. We then apply this mix to all aspects of their brand: Messaging, words, content, images, colors, fonts, etc.
You’ve evolved.
For you, growth has meant adapting. Whether you are targeting a new audience or adding new services, when your message has evolved… you’re *overdue* for a brand overhaul.

  • You need to revisit all customer touch points to ensure your messaging reflects attracting a new target audience or selling a new service. If you aren’t *changing* your audience, just expanding to another, you need to ensure you have the right values, language, and solutions to attract two different target markets.
  • I help my 1:1 clients decide if they will tackle evolution through a new brand, or a new solution branching from their existing brand. Then, we revisit their branding decisions. We review their archetype and messaging to create a new or evolved brand personality to accommodate the changes their brand has encountered.
You’re not making enough money.
You have a steady client base, but too much money is going out to pay for resources. You are ready to make more profit.

  • You either need to reposition yourself in the market or you need to create a signature service that you can charge a premium for.
  • I walk my 1:1 clients through a branding overhaul. We work together to pull out their strongest credibility points and rebrand their business to incorporate higher perceived value in their offers. I guide them towards building solutions that demonstrate value through expertise instead of trading time for dollars.

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Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for driven entrepreneurs. Through work with hundreds clients, she developed the In Demand Brand method. She believes in pursuing audacious dreams.

She mentors students in group programs and guides clients 1-on-1 through the Clarity Code. When she’s not transforming brands, she’s exploring the world with her husband and two little ones. They love eating their way across their home of Naples, Italy.

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