3 Entrepreneur Energy Blocks: Don’t Let Them Keep You Stuck!

This is an APB (All Points Bulletin!) from KPHQ. 🚨

PLEASE be on the lookout for three energy-blocking villains.

They’re on the loose. Running rampant. Keeping entrepreneurs STUCK and SMALL. And we simply can’t allow them to wreak this havoc on your brands. I need *YOUR* help to identify and neutralize them… 

So it’s critical that you read this blog post.  

For more than a decade now, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs change the world with what they know. The work we do is important. And frankly, we need serious energy to do itto fully show up and make the impact and revenue we desire.  

But sometimes this critical entrepreneur energy gets blocked. 

I’ve noticed – though observing hundreds of geniuses at work – that when this happens, it typically shows up in three main ways. So, today I’m going to share what I’ve learned. I’m going to expose the three energetic blocks (or the three villains! 🦹‍♂️) that keep us stuck as entrepreneurs. 

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Or, you can continue reading for the full dossier. 

Energy Villain #1: Protection Energies 

The first category of energetic blocks to be on the lookout for? 

Protection energies. 

And, boy, are these dangerous! 

These stymie us when our subconscious minds perceive that what we’re doing is risky in some way. 

Our reptile brains are conditioned to protect us from uncertainty – because that’s how our species has survived over millennia. On a deep level, your subconscious mind wants to prevent the possibility that you’ll fail, experience stress, or be ridiculed by the collective. 

She (your subconscious mind) doesn’t want you to get the promotion – or to get that next client. She thinks she’s doing you a favor, and would love to keep you in a safe comfort zone. She wants to avoid change – because she’s wired to remember that sometimes change meant death – literally! – to our ancestors. 

But unfortunately, that impulse can stop us from growing, innovating, and succeeding – and from helping the people that we’re meant to help. 

And this shows up in a couple of different ways…

One is perfectionism. We feel like we aren’t ever good enough to launch or to put our work out into the world – because it always needs to be “better” in some way. 

It also shows up in the form of procrastination. You know this one… delaying, delaying, delaying, and using a majillion (Yes, a majillion!) different reasons why we’re “not ready.”

I’ve had clients who have gotten literally physically ill when it came to launching their brands. 😣

There have been others who were convinced they needed to find the best contractors for every single piece of their business before they could even begin to move forward. 😣

I’ve had others who didn’t want to confine their work – or to refine it or define it. They felt like they were leaving too much out – or foreclosing on too much possibility. So they didn’t choose. 😣

So, watch out for the protection villain. She thinks she’s helping – but she’s not! 

Energy Villain #2: Pleasing 

The second energy blocker is pleasing. And it typically shows up in one of two ways. 

One is a lack of boundaries. 

You want to be the helper – maybe for everybody! So you’re over-scheduling yourself. Maybe spreading yourself thin or running yourself ragged. You’re not taking care of your own needs because you’re so committed to serving and pleasing other people. 

And this is at the detriment to your own work – which means you may never reach your full potential!  

The other way this pleasing block shows up is as self censorship. 

You’re not willing to share your true beliefs or your unapologetic self. On some level, you fear what other people will think or say. Maybe you desire to please your parents – or your high school friend group… whomever it is.

If that’s forcing you into a box where you don’t naturally fit, it’s going to block and constrict your energy – and your capacity for success. 

Now let’s look at the third villain… (She’s soooooooooo insidiously bad!) 

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Energy Villain #3: Permission-seeking 

The third energetic blocker – and Oh Mylanta! This one can stop you dead in your tracks! – is the energy of seeking permission. 

Permission-seeking is when you don’t trust your own self to make the decisions to move forward. So you’re constantly looking outside of yourself for cues or for reassurance that you’re going in the right direction. 

When you’re constantly looking for other people to validate what you’re doing at every step, there’s no way to truly get into flow and create great work. 

Maybe you’re seeking some condition of security. You’re afraid to take the next step – because you don’t know for sure if it will work or not. Or maybe you’re seeking some type of status or significance from the people that you’re serving. 

All of this is going to constrict your natural genius – and hinder progress.

So which one of these three energies affects you the most? It’s different for everybody. Is it protection? Pleasing? Looking for permission? Some combination of the three?

If you want to beat these energy-blocking villains at their own games, I have two potential paths for you: 

If you are already in business, with an established brand, I invite you to check out my Amplify Accelerator program. It’s a small group, accessible by application-only, in which we set the conditions for your inevitable success. We create your entire brand ecosystem together over a period of six months. And we address each three of these villains within the context of the energetic influence module – which is our first month of content. 

If you’re just getting started – OR if you are at any level and prefer a clarity-inducing brand SPRINT! – my 30-day Brand Advantage program may be for you. It’s opening again this spring, and you can reserve your spot here! (If you’re reading this when it’s not currently open, join that wait list for special notifications!) 

But regardless… 

Be part of the solution, Friends. Get the facts about these insidious villains now, and stay alert! 

And if you’re feeling any of the blocks above, I’d like to hear about your experiences. Please report sightings of these villains in the comments below. Or, if you desire feedback and community among other ambitious entrepreneurs, you can report them in my In Demand Brand Mastermind (my free Facebook group!)



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  1. Bobbi Brooks Wilcox

    Thank you, Kaye. Identifying the three villains was very helpful to be aware of. I certainly have had all three villains show up for me. The protection villain seems to be really showing up for me right now. I tend to go to overwhelm with all of the information I’m learning and trying to figure out what to do first and if I should launch a virtual book tour to put myself out there for people to get to know me or should I be focusing on getting more clients through nurturing my list. I’m a one women show right now so I can only do so much. Plus, I’m rebranding myself and my company which is why I signed up for you Brand New Brand course and the Brandfluency and have been through a lot of your free workshops so I can learn all that I can about strategy branding.

    Thank you for being you and all the helpful information that you provide. I’ve learned so much and have gotten a lot more clarity for my brand since I’ve been following you and taking your classes.

    Blessings to you and your business


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