How to Use the Enneagram in Business with Sarah L Wallace

How to Use the Enneagram in Business with Sarah L Wallace

In this episode, Sarah Wallace joins me to talk about the Enneagram for entrepreneurs and how to use it.

Do you know your Enneagram type? Have you used it to help make business decisions or hire a team?

The ways in which we relate to one another, balance each other in business, and create from a place of purpose are all driven from who we are innately as human beings – and where we fall on the Enneagram scale.

Sarah is a Certified Enneagram Coach, host of the Enneagram MBA podcast, speaker, and workshop facilitator. With over 13+ years in relationship building roles working with government agencies and companies like the US EPA and adidas Outdoor, now small business owners, large organizations, and event organizers hire Sarah to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams.

We talk about:

  • [4:00] What is Enneagram?

  • [5:30] How knowing your Enneagram changes awareness, communication and growth

  • [12:45] Advice for entrepreneurs looking to take an Enneagram test

  • [13:40] Three marketing styles based on the triads of the Enneagram

  • [18:15] Using the enneagram to work more cohesively as a team

  • [24:35] Playing into your Enneagram strengths to build a business you love

  • [25:55] How to make the Enneagram applicable to you

  • [29:55] Using the Enneagram in business

  • [33:15] One big takeaway Sarah wants every entrepreneur to know


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