Masterclass: The Demand Method

Learn my process for building In Demand Brands that align with your ambitions

Growth was happening and I needed the growth to happen toward a specific path that coincided with the brand of JKConditioning. After working together, I have a better focus and an understanding of why my brand exists and what it stands for. I was jumbled in my head but now there is more clarity. You are amazing at what you do. To be able to pull what JKConditioning stands for from my brain and lay it all out in a document is actually astonishing.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto


I was in startup mode, had dabbled in the do-it yourself websites and quickly realized I was in over my head. After listening to your podcasts, I learned so much and it became clear there was a lot I didn't know. After that I knew I wanted to hire you. Since I am in startup mode, your questions about what my business is, what I offer and who I am really helped my figure all that out. I needed a bit of 'hand-holding' (or at least it felt that way!). Your process was so helpful to me even beyond a Brand Book but also in furthering my business model.

Fleur Larsen

Fleur Larsen Facilitation

My "before" was a site that didn't truly reflect who I was and how I wanted to work. It didn't appeal to the types of clients I wanted to work with. I focused too much on trying to appeal to the masses and make everyone happy that I was losing myself in the process. Working with Kaye, my new brand and website are focused on expressing who I am and how I work. It truly represents ME. Kaye has helped me to break free of that "corporate" look that was generic. This experience has been freeing because I finally feel like my brand is a true reflection of myself and I don't feel the need to apologize for it! I'm so happy with the results!

Toni Taylor

Toni’s Web Design

5-Day Define Your Brand Mini-Class

Go way beyond fonts & colors - figure out what your brand stands for on a psychological level.