Create Demand Around Your Brand – in 4 Steps

Your business TOTALLY could be the next ‘It brand!’

Yep. Like this season’s hottest designer bag 👜, YOUR business can be the one people line up around the block for.

Like they did for cabbage patch kids – circa 1983. 

Like they did for Hamilton tickets – circa 2018. 

Like they do for whatever new-fangled thing Apple releases. Circa always. 😆

And we’re not talking popularity just for popularity’s sake. Nope. Because when your brand is In Demand, everything is easier, more fun, and more freeing. 

Because you’re in the driver’s seat. ➡ No more chasing clients. Ideal clients understand the value you bring – and they want it! The power shifts to you – and you get to choose who you work with, and what you charge. 

And I can’t think of one entrepreneur who wouldn’t want aaaaallll of that. 

So, in this week’s article, I’m revealing four secrets to creating this kind of demand – around your brand! These are strategies I’ve learned and implemented while working on hundreds of brilliant brands in my career (and a few stinkers here and there, too. 🤣) 

As per usual, you can watch 🎥 this content in the video below, or you can continue on reading. (Or both! I’m down for hanging out with you x2!)

Okay, let’s jump in. We’ll start with a definition…  

What is an In Demand Brand? 

When we think about traditional physical products – say like a handbag – it generally looks like this: 

A celeb shows up somewhere toting it, and the cameras flash. 📸

The shots show up everywhere. Next thing you know, that bag is flying off the shelves at Bloomingdales (and everywhere else). They make more, but it’s still not enough to quench the deep desire people have for this bag. 

If you want one, you need to get in line. Like, literally. People are waiting in queues at 5am to get their bag – and they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for it, too. 

Now, let’s translate this to the world of a service-based brand – like a coach, consultant, or service provider. 

Here are the signs that you’ve got an In Demand Brand.

Sign 1: More potential clients than spots.

When you have increased demand for your brand, that means there are more people who want to work with youMore people than you could possibly fit into your project schedule, actually – even when you take steps to scale (hiring, systemizing, etc). 

Sign 2: The market supports a price increase. 

In Demand status also means you can raise your prices – because (just like with the ‘it’ bag) the market will support it.

(You might have one or two people step out of line, but there are still twenty people in it, and you only have 18 bags available to sell… See the math? 😉 )

Sign 3: The tables are turned and you’re being pursued. 

The most significant (and maybe fun!) indicator that you have an In Demand Brand? It’s when you’re not chasing down your ideal clients, but rather they’re finding you. 

They understand the value that you bring – and they want it. 

This dynamic creates a very particular shift of power. Instead of all the power being with the person who’s giving you money to do the service, it shifts some of the power back to you. As a result, you get to decide exactly who you want to work with – and you get to charge the rates that you want to charge. 

I think we can all agree that that’s a veeerrrry good place to be. 💃💃💃

And this isn’t a creepy kind of power trip. It’s better for EVERYONE involved. Because if you are choosing the clients that you can create the most value for, those clients will see ah-maze-ing results. (And create even MORE demand by raving about how much they love you.)

So let’s talk specifics now. How you can build more demand for your brand?

Pin this article to reference later! 📌

Pin this article to reference later! 📌

Step 1:  Know yourself. 

This first step might sound a bit counterintuitive – at first – because we’re aiming to influence others. But trust me – it’s so crucial. 

You must first turn the lens on yourself. 

If you want to be the ‘it’ brand, you must take the time to clearly define your brand. You need to be crystal clear – inwardly first – about your personality, your values, your mission, your vision… all of the things that are going to set you apart from your competition. 

By doing this work, you set yourself up for this very powerful move —-> Attaching to something bigger than simply what you’re selling. 

(Short version: You’re not just selling copywriting services. Or T-shirts. Or coaching. You’re selling freedom. Or creative expression. Or security… Pickin’ up what I’m putting down here?) 

When you can connect what you’re selling to a bigger mission… to something that’s bigger than your product or service… you create more psychological demand than if you’re just selling the benefits and features. 

And the only way to do that is to get clear and certain about who you are – and how you best show up in this world. It’s high-leverage work – so invest in it! (Psst… You can start here – for free! More on that below.) 

Step 2:  Translate the *you-ness* to outward cues.

The next step in building that In Demand Brand is to take what you’ve discovered to be true about yourself – and to translate it to outward-facing cues. 

I always say that entrepreneurs must “build our brands on truth, not trends.” There is no more crucial place in which this comes into play – than here. 

You’ve done the work to figure out exactly who you are and what you stand for. Now it’s time to apply that truth to how you show up. This can include: 

  • Design decisions – fonts, colors, brand photos, etc. 
  • Content that you’re producing on social media, on your website, in emails… at all the touch points. 
  • Clear messaging – taglines, slogans, headlines, product / service names, sales pages… even the specific words that you’re choosing in #alltheplaces. 
  • Basic business decisions – office hours, policies, methods of delivery, etc. (<— Yes! These should be decided with your brand in mind.) 

Make sure all of the above is being born out of the truth that you’ve discovered about yourself in Step 1. Then, we can go to Step 3… 

Step 3:  Get strategically visible. 

Step 3 is to get visible – and to be smart about it. 

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Or – more practically speaking 😉 – if you’re really good at what you do, but no one knows about it, does it matter? 

Brands only exist when they come in to contact with people.  

Your brand exists in the relationship you have with your ideal clients… In the context that is created between what you do, say, sell – and how your audience perceives it all. 

It can’t just exist in your head. You have to get visible so people start to build a relationship with your brand. So it’s time to get out there and be your brand – in public. 

Now, don’t make the mistake of trying to be “everywhere.” You don’t want to spread yourself too thinly. Focus instead on selecting the platforms that are (a) going to get you in front of your ideal customers, and (b) enjoyable for you – so you’ll show up there consistently. 

(For more detailed tips and strategies about staying visible without working 24/7, check out this article.)  

Step 4:  Offer things that humans want to buy. 

You might know what people need – because you’re an expert in your area. But, beware! That may not be the same thing that people want to buy. 

It becomes so much easier to achieve In Demand Brand status when you’re offering products or services that people already desire. (Now I know this sounds obvious, but it’s really one of the biggest mistakes I see brands make!) 

The best way to get at this information?  It’s to ask, listen, and become a voracious researcher of your ideal clients. 

Put out surveys. Ask them questions. Have conversations, and listen to the words that your clients are using to explain their problems and desires. 

If you figure out the *exact* and specific reality that your ideal clients are living in now, you can speak directly to that when offering the transformation that your product or service provides. And, you can rely on this data when packaging up new offers, too. 

(I keep an ideal client notebook, where I actually record the phrases my clients and prospects use when they are describing their businesses, challenges, needs and desires. It’s a goldmine for me when it’s time to write copy – and even more valuable when I’m dreaming up new offers. Give this a try – it can be business-altering!)  

If you follow these four steps –  know yourself; translate your truths to outward-facing cues; get strategically visible; and offer things that people want…  you (Yes, you!) can become the next ‘it brand.

So, take stock, make a plan, and start working these steps. (And decide now where you want the line to start forming… ‘cause those ideal clients will be showing up in droves in no time!)

Wondering where you should go to get started? How about here?  👇 👇 👇

You can take care of Step 1 by creating your *Crystal Clear* 1-Page Brand Plan with me – in my FREE Masterclass. It’s the perfect way to get the certainty and confidence you need to get visible and attract the perfect people to your desirable offers.  

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