Captivate and Convert with a Quiz

Attracting leads and keeping your audience engaged can be a big task, but with the right tools in place, you can leverage evergreen content to continuously captivate and convert new clients and customers – without taking too much of your precious time!

One of my favorite ways to get people excited about my brand is by offering value upfront in the form of a Brand Archetype quiz. The people who visit my site are typically seeking branding insight… So what better way to build trust and grow their interest in working with me than with a quiz specifically designed to reveal their brand’s unique personality?


When I first launched the Brand Personality quiz early in 2015, it was through Qzzr. Although I’ve been blown away by the results, I recently decided to update my quiz and switch platforms to Interact (I’m an affiliate partner, so if you decide to use one of their paid packages, I get a small portion at no cost to you!). But before I tell you why – allow me to share some of the biggest reasons why I’m head-over-heels in love with online quizzes…


They make a mean lead magnet.

One of the biggest problems digital entrepreneurs face – is growing a sizable email list. Many visitors will love your blogs and maybe even bookmark your site for the future, but capturing an email address takes a lot more convincing. Luckily, the average conversion rate for email capture forms on quizzes is 50%!

Quizzes allow you to get to know your audience in a way that generic evergreen content simply can’t. With individual results at your fingertips, you can send highly personalized content straight to their inboxes to keep your audience hanging on your every word.

Results are highly shareable.

Because quizzes allow you to provide targeted information, the results can be so personalized that quiz-takers feel compelled to share them with others. (After all, what’s the fun of taking that Buzzfeed quiz if you don’t get to find out which Power Ranger your closest friends would be, too?)

Quiz results are especially shareable because:

  • They allow us to talk about ourselves, which we sure do love to do! According to a study by TIME, 40% of the words we’ll say in our lives are about ourselves.
  • They’re overwhelmingly positive, which boosts the ego. When’s the last time you took a quiz that gave you bad news? Probably never. The most constructive yet sharable approach is to phrase results in a positive manner, while subtly suggesting areas of improvement or steps in the right direction.
  • It’s fun to compare results with others. Learning new things about yourself is great, but sharing your results with loved ones and taking note of your differences allows us to be included and social.

They provide in-depth analytics.

Everybody knows that analytics are an absolute godsend when it comes to learning about your audience and adapting to their needs… But let’s be real: there’s only so much you can find out from Google.

Quizzes allow you to ask custom questions and gain information you’d otherwise never know. Using that information, you can create the best possible experience for each of your visitors – sharing content that is relevant to them personally.

Did you know that personalized product recommendations
generate 230% more sales
than generic ones?


They’re total time-savers.

In addition to learning about your visitors and banking their email addresses, you can also create custom automations to send the appropriate content to your leads, at the right times. With more data and less manual work, you can be targeted without wasting time.


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Before updating my Brand Personality Quiz earlier this year, my old quiz had been taken over 43,000 times!  I had intentionally made capturing their email address optional (to attract only my best, most engaged audience) – with a conversion rate of 16%. That means that 4,652 people joined my email list directly from the quiz!

(Update: As of 2018, it’s been taken 80,000+ times! But we’ve left the above intact so the math makes sense!) 

My biggest motivation for updating and moving the quiz was the ability to offer more than one quiz result. Most brands are a combination of a few different archetypes, and I knew entrepreneurs would benefit from a more detailed understanding of the brand. I also wanted to simplify the questions. In my previous quiz, respondents would choose their top 3 of 12 answers each time, making the test longer and more difficult than it needed to be. I’ve since cut down the number of answers and altered the quiz to accept just one.

While I was at it, I wanted to give my quiz a little facelift! Interact allowed me to add some *fun* design elements. I was able to add my brand colors, use specific fonts, and add in pictures throughout. By using more imagery, I was able to create a deeper connection between the quiz and the respondent. Plus, with a subject like Brand Archetypes, it’s sometimes just easier to express thoughts and emotions with images rather than words. Oh and another *fantastic* change was that I could embed my updated Brand Personality quiz directly to my website.

You wouldn’t believe the difference these updates have made.
My conversion rate nearly doubled – bringing in more leads in the past 4 months
than my old quiz did in 2.5 years!

So. Have I convinced you to build a quiz yet?

I’m telling you – you will NOT regret it… and it’s easier than you might think.


First thing’s first – choose a topic.

Help visitors decide which of your services is the best fit for them.

Answer a common question you get.

Teach your ideal client something about themselves.

These are just a few ideas, but there are tons of quiz topics to choose from. Ask yourself: What would people be surprised, delighted, and excited to learn about themselves? How can you provide information that will make them feel understood and special?

Your quiz should be fun or useful, but ideally both.

For example: I’m currently working with a real estate agent and together, we’re creating a quiz to help her clients decide which Oahu neighborhood would be the best fit for them to buy a home in. It’s very useful for any potential clients – especially those who aren’t familiar with the area… and it’s way more fun than filling out a bland survey or chatting on the phone.

You’ll find that most popular quizzes are fantasy- or future-based, answering questions like: Where should I live? and What’s my ideal career path? These predictive quizzes are particularly useful for life, job, and health coaches, as they offer guidance.

Next up: outcomes.

Don’t worry, I’m not skipping the questions. But before we write those, you need to establish what the possible results are… (Plus, it makes creating the questions sooo much easier.)

Remember – you want your quiz results to be shareable, so keep it positive. The goal is for everyone taking your quiz to WANT to share the results.*

*Unlike this quiz that gives critical results and points out your flaws. 🙁
*shakes fist*

Also, be sure to never disqualify someone from your services. For example, if you only work with advanced brands, don’t make a quiz that tells people they’re not a good fit for you. Instead, choose a topic that only your ideal audience would be interested in – like how to scale from 6 to 7 figures, or how to hire your best employees. Rather than alienate bad leads with the outcome, use your topic to draw in only the good leads.

Decide what the plan is once respondents know the outcome. Are you going to give them access to unique content based on their result – like a PDF guide? If so, limit the number of outcomes to 3 or 4, if possible. (Take it from the woman trying to juggle 12 outcomes, which – as it turns out – is a complete nightmare when you have to create assets for each archetype.) Another thing I *love* about Interact is that you can tag outcomes to trigger unique automations for every respondent. (Ahh – relief!)


Capturing email addresses.

Be strategic with your email capturing. First off, don’t ask for an email address before the quiz even begins; this will only deter people from taking your quiz in the first place. It’s best to wait until the quiz has finished. Although many people disagree, I highly recommend making an email address optional. The participant has already taken the time to respond, so why force their hand? Most of the time, you’ll either end up with someone on your list who doesn’t want to be there, or lots of instant unsubscribes once the results are delivered.

Instead, provide value through an extra (but optional) opt-in. For example, anyone who takes the Brand Archetype quiz will be presented with their results. However, if they provide an email address, they’ll receive a free inspiration kit to learn more about their archetype.

Content and questions.

As you’re designing your quiz, keep the completion time to under 10 minutes or so. Most likely, the people taking your quiz are new to your brand, so you’ll need to keep it short if you want to keep their attention.

Ask your quiz-takers simple questions about themselves and their opinions. We all like to talk about ourselves, but the questions shouldn’t be too complex or difficult to answer. To keep them interested, switch up your question style every now and then. Use a combination of multiple question text, photo selection, and “cadence” to keep them interested!

Make sure that your questions are relevant to your audience. Don’t forget about cultural differences! For example, on my updated quiz, we added the question, “Which big brand most resonates with your brand personality?” Unfortunately, my European audience was not familiar with all of the brands I had listed.

Do your homework.

There are SO many different quiz sites and platforms out there. Creating an engaging quiz and the content to follow can be difficult, but luckily there is no shortage of inspiration out there to help move you forward. Check out the different styles of quizzes available online. Take the Myers-Briggs personality test. Go play around with the always entertaining quizzes at Buzzfeed. Get a feel for which styles you like and which you don’t. This will help get you on the right path for creating an amazing quiz!

Once your quiz is finished, Beta test it. I used my In Demand Brand Facebook Group to put my new quiz to the test. (ha!) This helped me catch mistakes and clear up any confusion before launching it publicly. It’s also a great opportunity to test your outcomes. Are you getting a variety of results? Are people resonating with their outcomes? Are they excited enough to share their results?


Share and be shared.

Speaking of sharing… one of the biggest perks to online quizzes is their ultra-shareable results. So, as you’re setting up your quiz, make sure it’s an absolute breeze to share outcomes on social media. Ideally, all it should take is click!

You’ll also want to embed the quiz on your website. Many quiz platforms have plugins, but I’ve found that the easiest route is always just to grab the embed code and give the quiz its own page on your site. (No worries – you totally don’t have to be a web developer to do this. It’s much easier than it sounds!)


As you can see, I clearly have a special place in my heart for quizzes. They’ve done SO much for my business, and I’d love to see you bring your biz to the next level with an online quiz.

What are you waiting for?! Create your quiz today! 

For extra motivation, I put together this screen share video to demonstrate my quiz-creation process on Interact. I know it sounds like a lot, but I think you’ll see just how easy it can be if we walk through it together.


Before you run off to build your quiz, I’ve got to ask – 

What are some of your favorite online quizzes?

Comment below! I’m always looking to learn more about myself, even if it’s something as silly as what kind of ????candy bar???? I should be. #yum 



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