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  • Become known as the go-to in your space
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  • Attract leads & sales to you

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Get Clarity to Get Growing

Are you ready to attract more of the right people to your audience? (You know, the ones who value your work and are THE BEST to work with.)

Feel like screaming every time someone tells you to do another “ideal client avatar” exercise?

Secretly wishing someone will just tell you what your unique message, method,and magic is? (And at the same time, so tired of all. the. advice. everywhere.)

There are gurus at every corner promising to give you THE secret tactic or marketing scheme. Many of them don’t want you to realize that you’ve had access to the answers this whole time – you just needed some space and strategies to extract the genius that’s already inside your brain.

Symptoms of an unclear & Unfocused brand include…

  • Something feels ‘off’ in the way you show up online, but you can’t quite place your finger on it
  • Constantly second-guessing your niche, product suite, focus, and overall message
  • Feeling like you can’t make sales without chasing & trying to convince potential clients


Why Brand Strategy? Why Right Now?

I know how easy it is to find yourself constantly running to the next idea, client project, or fire that needs to be extinguished.

Let’s dedicate a week to work ON your business, instead of IN your business. 

When our brands are built the right way, we see results like:

  • Demand increases, meaning your ideal clients seek you out, and feel honored to work with you (same goes for collaboration & PR opportunities)
  • Ease & joy that comes from knowing you’ll have reliable sales coming in, and that you can choose the clients YOU want to work with
  • Your work gets to impact and reach all of the people you are meant to serve. No more playing small!

The Clarity Code Framework flips typical brand strategy inside out and upside down. Instead of focusing on who we think we “should be” or “need to be” to attract ideal clients, we focus on our innate strengths and truth. Our potent purpose and personality naturally attracts the best clients to us – without needing to resort to cheesy internet marketing techniques, bending over backwards to please others, or being someone we are not.

I developed this framework over the last decade. Previously, I only shared pieces of the system in different places, and reserved the full framework for my 6- and 7-figure agency clients. But now that I’ve had time to hone in and improve the system over the years, I want to share it with as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Building a psychology-driven brand means that we need to recognize that there are invisible forces that are driving both our own actions and the actions of our ideal clients, including purchasing behavior. Until we address what is beneath the surface, we miss out on opportunities to serve the people we are meant to serve. 

I’ve designed this course to be more valuable than courses that cost $1000 or more. Becauselet me be honestmy goal is that after teaching you how to create the strategy, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by all of the value I share. And when the workshop is over, I’d love to work with some of you to help you bring your new brand strategy to life in one of my courses, programs, or services. But no matter what, you’ll walk away from this week of in-depth live training with  ✔️ crystal clarity about your brand strategy that you can use to… ✔️  build a business in alignment with your greatest strengths, and to…  ✔️  leverage psychology and emotion to attract clients & students that you love to work with. 

Meet Kaye, Brand Strategist

Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with hundreds of clients from global brands to solo business owners, she developed the Clarity Code™.

She believes in pursuing audacious dreams and that there is genius that lives inside every entrepreneur. When you have a clear brand, your clients love, respect, and are willing to pay premium prices for your work. It gives you the clarity and confidence to scale your impact and income.

In this 5-day course, I teach you my Clarity Code™ framework to craft your psychology-driven brand strategy from end-to-end. 

By the end of the CLASS, you’ll walk away with:

✅ Mastery of exactly which elements are important for attracting ideal clients on an intuitive, emotional, and gut level

✅ A customized action plan for the next quarter to implement what you learn into your brand

✅ A framework to return to again and again, if you are ever feeling stuck or unclear in the future

✅ A content & campaign plan to attract new leads & sales to your brand

✅ A new understanding of the subconscious and invisible forces that are influencing your brand’s results

✅ New on-brand language and messaging to sell more of your signature product or service

Kind Words from Previous Students

Get Brand Clarity in just one week. 

Normally $97

Now Only $27

100% clarity guarantee + 5-day course + unlimited access

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Day 1: Energetic Influence

Master your energy to succeed, lead, and impact people at a new level


How your physical, intellectual, and emotional energy affects your results, and easy ways to increase your capacity to do great work


Practical techniques to increase your energy, even if you’re a mom of triplet toddlers (or whatever keeps YOU busy!)


The 3 “magic” elements that make entrepreneurial leaders irresistible to follow (and that anyone can learn to master)


How to get out of your own way when it comes to showing up, selling, and serving

Day 2: Innate Advantage

Leverage the Forces that effortlessly attract clients in a way that is authentic to you


How to cultivate a clear, authentic, and differentiated brand to become well-known and respected in your market


How to attract ideal clients, customers, & students on a subconscious, psychological level


The invisible forces that drive people to flock towards some brands, and ignore others


How to attract more of the right clients by being more of yourself

Day 3: Offer Doctor

to build an irresistible brand, you need an irresistible offer


How to position your product or service at a premium, so you’re not seen as a commodity or “hired hand”


The Mirror Language Technique to get inside of your ideal client / customer’s minds, so they are excited to spend money with you


The best way to streamline your value ladder, to make sense of your current offers and to plan future products


How to stop being distracted by different niches and settle on a signature service or product


How you can make serious money by making a serious difference in your clients’ lives

Day 4: Brand Gravity

define your content & conversion strategy to create more ideal clients


The 3-Stage Content & Conversion System every brand needs to consistently attract leads and sales


Plan your Content Calendar for the upcoming quarter so you know exactly when, what, and why you’re posting


The exact way 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs and global brands tell stories that sell


The 7 Human Elements you should consider to connect with your ideal client on a deeper levelso they’ll resonate with everything you say


How to stay consistent & cohesive across channels, team members, and campaigns

Day 5: Future Reality

learn to work with your SUBCONSCIOUS to achieve your goals, instead of against it


How to clearly define your goals so you’re confident in the path forward


How to get your subconscious mind on board with the goals and visions you create


The 5 Crucial Factors for a strategy to manifest tangible results


The Brand Order of Importance: learn what to focus on next to create the best results (based on your stage of brand-building)


The exact Quantum Quarter template I use to plan my brand and business growth

Plus You’ll Also Get…

5 Recorded Mentorship Sessions

When I ran this course live, I hosted five 90-minute Q&A sessions. You get each of the recordings to see how entrepreneurs just like you are applying the curriculum to their brands.

Brand Future Assessment

On the last day, I’ll be granting you access to a brand new comprehensive brand assessment to help you determine *exactly* what your next steps will be to implement the strategy you create. 

Templates, swipes, examples...

This is a fully resourced course. From mad-libs style exercises, to resource lists, to numerous client examples at every turn, your learning experience will be engaging, fun, and appeal to different learning styles. 

And now, I want to share what I know with you. Get instant access to the course:

Normally $97

Now $27

100% clarity guarantee + 5-day course + unlimited access

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What if I already have a brand?

We all have brands! (Whether we’ve been intentionally building them or not.) This event is designed to upgrade and improve the foundation you already have in place. We’re going to go much deeper than what most people consider to be their “brands.”

What types of brands is this for?

If you’re a human entrepreneur that sells products or services to humans, the training will apply to you. However, the ‘Offer Doctor’ day is geared more especially toward service, information, and consulting types of businesses, rather than ecommerce.

What all am I getting?

This is a fully-developed online course. You’ll get the course curriculum, course workbook, and additional resources. It’s an incredible value for the investment!

How are we going to cover it all in a week?

I have the gift of making big, hairy, complicated subjects streamlined and easy to digest. While I wouldn’t ever promise that you could implement everything we cover in a week (brand building takes time!) we are going to cover defining your psychology-driven brand strategy in great detail. Buckle up, and get ready to learn!

What if...

If for any reason Clarity Week is not for you, we have a 30-day 100% no questions asked refund policy.

Get Clarity & Get Growing

Only $97

Now $27

100% clarity guarantee + 5-day course + unlimited access