Want to solidify your brand as the leader your industry, for your ideal clients to ‘get’ you, and to get crystal clear on why people buy from you?

Apply for a call today and get clarity on how to multiply your brand’s impact and income.
Here’s what we’ll cover on the 30-minute Clarity Call:

  • Get an objective brand analysis of how you are showing up in the world (because you’re probably too close to see it clearly…)
  • Discover the brand bottlenecks that are blocking your growth
  • Reverse engineer your way to your most audacious brand goals (so you can see the path forward with clarity…)

Results from Kaye’s Brand Clients

Growth was happening and I needed the growth to happen toward a specific path that coincided with the brand of JKConditioning. After working together, I have a better focus and an understanding of why my brand exists and what it stands for. I was jumbled in my head but now there is more clarity. You are amazing at what you do. To be able to pull what JKConditioning stands for from my brain and lay it all out in a document is actually astonishing.
Jon-Erik Kawamoto

Founder, JKConditioning

The most impactful takeaway from our work together is having a framework to think through my branding – I love the archetypes and the brand book. You totally understood me and what I am trying to do. My brand is beautiful and on point for me. I get so many compliments on my brand.
Suzannah Scully

CEO, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, Executive Coach

The most exciting part was seeing my vision come to life even bigger and better than I could have imagined. I felt completely comfortable and confident with Kaye. It really helped me stay focused and clear on the direction of the brand. I feel really great with the results. She saved me so much time and frustration, and gave me more clarity. It was exactly what I was looking for and more.
Heidi Houston

CEO/Founder, Heidi Houston

Before I worked with Kaye, I focused too much on trying to appeal to the masses and make everyone happy that I was losing myself in the process. After working with Kaye, my new brand and website are focused on expressing who I am and how I work. It truly represents ME. Kaye has helped me to break free of that “corporate” look that was generic. This experience has been freeing because I finally feel like my brand is a true reflection of myself and I don’t feel the need to apologize for it! I’m so happy with the results!
Toni Taylor

Owner, Toni’s Web Design

We can’t imagine where our business would be if not for hiring Kaye. She really brought our brand to life! Not only did she take the time to really understand our business and our values, but she also added her own expert perspective and ideas. We are so in love with our brand now. We are beyond impressed with Kaye’s work. This woman knows her stuff!

Sam & Allison

Owners, High Country Doulas

Are you ready to scale your brand, increase your leverage, and multiply your impact? 

Do you wish that every message you publish would resonate with your ideal clients as powerfully as when you’re talking with someone in person?

Want to maximize your business’ organic growth without relying solely on 1-on-1 sales conversations?

Your brand is your key to growth. And to leverage that growth, you need clarity.

What happens on the Clarity Call?

We’ll do a deep dive into your brand and where you want to take it in the next three to twelve months. We’ll walk you through a unique process for resonating deeply with your ideal clients, growing your influence, and empowering your team to maximize your brand growth. 

  • Get a brand analysis of how you are showing up in the world (because you’re probably too close to see it clearly…)
  • Discover your brand bottlenecks that are blocking your growth
  • Reverse engineer your way to your most audacious goals (so you can see the path forward with clarity…)

If it’s in alignment for both of us, we’ll share how we can help you implement what we discover on the call. Even if we don’t work together beyond the 30 minutes, you’ll walk away with incredible value and clarity.

The Clarity Call is your first step to moving forward with confidence.

More Results from Kaye’s Brand Clients

I needed to find the right person that I could trust to help me with this process. I know all the pieces and parts, but just couldn’t get out of my own way to actually define my brand. You rock at being able to crawl inside someone’s head and really help them get to the true essence of their brand out into the world. 
Brandy Lawson

Chief Online Officer, FieryFX

I love the way Kaye makes hairy, complicated ideas into simple action steps. She is calm and makes transparent what is usually a very murky or magical process. I highly recommend her to anyone who gets thrown off by branding choices or feels intimidated by making the most of your precious idea.
Dyana Valentine

Oracle, Woke Up Knowing, DyanaValentine.com

Where to begin? It was awesome to dive deep into my brand’s goals, tone, and personality and then craft a strong vision and brand identity. I was thrilled to see the beautiful Brand Book and plan we put together. Within a few months of our work together, my visitors have increased by 100K+/month and I’ve had a record number of sponsors.
Joanna Guldin-Noll

Owner, Digital Influencer, Jo! My Gosh

Kaye looks into a person’s life and business and sees … well… let me see how I might say this. She’s like Neo from the Matrix. She empowered my brand by unlocking the power of my Hero/Explorer Brand Archetype. Her strategically creative systems equipped me with the courage to put myself out there. And not just out there but out there with certainty and conviction — and people buy certainty.  In my first year as a coach, coming from a completely different field, I earned a net 6-figure income.  Kaye’s work transforming my brand gave me the confidence to pursue my true path and help others do the same.
Sean McCool

CEO, SeanMcCool.com, Rise Up Champion

When I partnered with Kaye to transform my brand, I was very clear that my deep connection with my clients is the most important element to both myself and my brand. I didn’t want anything gimmicky or surface level – it needed to be truly meaningful. Using my blend of Magician/Caregiver Archetypes, Kaye helped define my brand to reflect exactly that. The work she completed for me truly represents who I am at a deep level. Kaye is extremely talented and I’m so grateful for her insights.

Jeff Riddle

Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, JeffRiddle.com, Transcend Podcast

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