Revolutionize Your Content Game with ChatGPT: The Ultimate Guide

Get ready to enter the exciting world of AI with me!  I’m thrilled to bring you even more magical brand outputs using powerful tools like ChatGPT. 🤖

In this week’s vlog, I’ll be sharing my expert tips on how to seamlessly incorporate AI into your brand strategy, resulting in superior results and optimized content that truly speaks to your brand voice.

Learn the secrets to inputting the perfect description of your brand voice, ensuring that every piece of content generated by AI aligns perfectly with your brand’s values and goals.🎯

So, buckle up and join me on this cutting-edge journey, as we explore the limitless potential of AI and brand strategy together!

Decide What to Create

In this video.. I want to talk about AI and branding, but I need to make sure it’s aligned with my unique perspective and personality. Starting with Instagram as my platform, and using  my trusty visibility cards for inspiration, I pulled out the prompt “How can I relate to my ideal client’s fears?”

Breaking down the content production process into stages gives me more control, and AI can help us ideate and come up with great ideas.

Brainstorm Titles

OK — so we now know what we want to create. Now, let’s have ChatGPT assist us with brainstorming titles. 

AI prompt used: “I want to write an IG caption that empathizes with entrepreneurs fears about using AI for their brand. Please brainstorm a list of possible titles.”

There were soo many great responses, however, pick a title that sounds like something you would normally write. What is your perspective? What is your opinion? 

Have Something to Say

Need more in-depth responses? Ask ChatGPT to assist you!

AI prompt used: “what unique perspectives could I communicate about AI-empowered entrepreneurs: Building Bravery for the Future.”

Again… soo many great ideas. Use yourself and your perspective as your decision making factor. What aligns more with your brand, voice, opinion, etc.? 

Generate an Outline

Now that we have our title and perspective. Next, we want to think about an outline.

AI prompt used: “Write an outline for a post about AI-empowered entrepreneurs: building bravery for the future about how AI is simply a tool to augment human genius, not something to be feared or avoided.”

If the generated outline is long, feel free to only use the sections that have the ‘bulk’ of the content. Typically, we don’t need an intro/outro for an Instagram post. 

Paste Brand Content

🔮 This is where the magic happens.

I tell ChatGPT what to write PLUS include several different on-brand examples.

AI prompt used: “Write an IG caption titled: AI-empowered Entrepreneurs: Building Bravery for the Future. + include general outline + brand voice + other foundational brand elements.”

(Check out the video to get more detailed and visual instruction. ⬆️)

Make Revisions


Need to make some edits? You can edit the original prompt to narrow down what content you’re hoping to create. Continue to tweak it until you are satisfied with the output.

Remember, garbage in = garbage out!

More Tips
✔️Clarify the objective: It’s important to be clear about the objective of the content you want to create. This will help ChatGPT understand what type of content to generate and ensure that the output is relevant and on-topic.
✔️Refine the prompt: The prompt should be clear and specific so that ChatGPT knows exactly what you’re looking for. Avoid using vague language or overly broad topics, as this can lead to irrelevant or low-quality output.
✔️Provide examples: Providing examples of the type of content you’re looking for can be helpful in guiding ChatGPT’s output. You can include examples of tone, style, format, and any other specific details that are important to you.
✔️Be mindful of the quality of input: The quality of input you provide to ChatGPT will impact the quality of output you receive. Make sure to provide clear and accurate information, and avoid using incomplete or incorrect information.

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