Brand Archetypes: Should You Ever Change Yours?

The feedback I get from YOU – the genius entrepreneurs that take my brand archetype quiz – often centers around a theme of relief!  😅 😅 😅  I get feedback like this:

“Kaye, I took your brand archetype quiz, and I finally feel like I have permission to just be me in my marketing. Better yet, I actually know what it means to ‘be me,’ too!”
I stopped copying what other entrepreneurs were doing. Now I attract more of the right people,
and fewer of the wrong people!


“Kaye, learning my archetypes felt like coming home after a long journey and sleeping in my own bed again.”

And I’m so dang honored to be a catalyst for this kind of transformation and brand clarity! 😌

But, speaking of catalysts, it is true that humans change. (It’s the only true constant, right?) So it’s only natural that some of my more advanced students and clients sometimes ask:

“Do my brand archetypes ever change?” 🤔

So, in this vlog post, I’m answering this VIQ. (Very Important Question!) 

Click below to learn when and how to approach changing your archetype. (Because, yes, it’s okay to do it – sometimes!)  

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Brand Archetypes - Should you ever change yours - Pin

Pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌



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