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There’s never been a better time to create a strong and scalable brand that can grow and evolve with your business and the changing market conditions.

If you’re looking to build a strong, authentic brand that connects with your audience on a deeper level, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve put together a FREE, live online event just for you: The Clarity Catalyst. This 4-day branding quest is designed to provide you with the insights and tools you need to make your brand shine.

A strong brand is your most valuable asset.

By investing time and energy into building a rock-solid brand now, you’re future-proofing your business against economic hiccups down the road. So, let’s embark on this branding quest together, and create an unshakable foundation that’ll keep your business thriving, no matter what gets thrown your way!

Your Invitation to the 4-Day Quest

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll uncover together during this transformational experience…

Day 1

The Science of Emotion

Let’s dive into how emotions influence consumer behavior and learn how to use them to create a captivating brand. I’ll help you identify your core values, beliefs, and unique qualities, so you can build a truly authentic and memorable brand identity.

Day 2

The Magic of Story

We’ll explore the power of storytelling in branding and how it can foster emotional connections with your target audience. I’ll guide you in crafting a compelling brand story that resonates with your ideal customers and supports your sales process.

Day 3

The Perspective Shift

Together, we’ll overcome the barriers of fear and perfectionism by adopting a new, growth-oriented mindset. I’ll show you how small changes can lead to significant results over time, and help you understand that branding is an ongoing process of growth and self-discovery.

Day 4

The Future of Your Brand

Let’s envision a robust and adaptable brand that can grow and evolve with your business. I’ll emphasize the importance of having a clear vision for your brand and demonstrate how to take consistent steps toward realizing that vision. We’ll focus on long-term goals and work on building a lasting legacy for your brand that stands the test of time.

Clarity Catalyst

FREE 4-DAY Branding EVENT April 10-13

Join hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs to cultivate the brand clarity that sparks the growth you’re looking for.

Clarity Catalyst is free and full of unbelievable value, like:


Live Daily Training: Expert brand strategist Kaye Putnam will guide you through each day’s session, sharing valuable insights and techniques to help you build a strong brand.


Immediately Actionable: You’ll receive specific actions to take immediately, allowing you to implement what you learn and start making a difference in your brand right away.

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Meet Kaye Putnam: Your Branding Guide on this Epic Quest

Are you ready to discover the power of psychology in branding and uncover your unique selling proposition? Then let me introduce you to your guide for The Clarity Catalyst: Psychology-Driven Brand Strategist Kaye Putnam.

With over 15 years of experience, Kaye has been a branding wizard since starting her first business at the age of 16. She’s worked with thousands of brands, ranging from global powerhouses to solo entrepreneurs, and now specializes in helping online entrepreneurs like you build a brand that reflects your true self, attracts ideal clients, and positions you as the industry leader.

Kaye’s Clarity Code™ process and inside-out approach to branding have helped her clients and students multiply their sales, attract dream clients, publish best-selling books, grace TEDx stages, and get featured in top publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.


Clarity Catalyst


Join hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs to cultivate brand clarity that is the spark of growth you’re looking for.

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