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Samantha approached me with the goal of establishing a podcast standard that harmonizes with her established brand identity. Despite having already launched her podcast, she proactively decided to temporarily halt production in order to craft a podcast standard that resonates with her uncontainable authenticity.

Core Idea

The Samantha Skelly brand ties together spirituality, comedy, and real-life experience to teach people how to live more embodied and authentic lives through expressing their most true selves.


Brand Archetypes


Our Ultimate Goal:

is to bring joy, entertainment, and amusement to the Can’t be Contained podcast and Samantha Skelly brand

                                 Core Brand Question

People aren’t just seeking information; they crave transformation. How can we infuse spirituality, comedy, and real-life stories to spark the profound personal change our listeners yearn for?

Brand Identity Design

This concept features an abstract letter “S” that combines the essence of two letters simultaneously while also conveying an apostrophe, resembling a “lightning bolt.” This design option leans towards a more masculine feel with its sharp edges, maintaining its uniqueness and coolness while aligning with the central concept.

Podcast Cover

Website Design

The website design is centered around embodying the entertainer archetype by infusing magical details and a playful atmosphere. The design takes inspiration from the mood board, striking a balance between curated elements and a hint of controlled chaos, all while maintaining a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. It’s designed to be creative and edgy, igniting the imagination of visitors and immersing them in an enchanting and entertaining online experience.

Social Graphics

I AM SO EXCITED!!!! This brand is exactly what I want 🙂

– Samantha Skelly

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You’ll get immediate access to a portal (in Teachable) where you’ll be able to schedule your Intensive Workshop and access the discovery work. Please complete the pre-work at least 48 hours before your workshop. On the day of your workshop, Kaye will meet you on Zoom and lead the session. All you need to do is sleep well, fuel your energy, and be ready to talk!

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From the Discovery Phase to SourceBook delivery, the entire process typically takes four weeks from start to finish. We are generally booking VIP Intensives 2-4 weeks out. The main workshop is for 3-4 hours, and the SourceBook is generally revealed within 21 days. We’ll schedule a call for any tweaks or revisions (usually within the same week that we deliver the SourceBook, depending on your schedule.)

Are you designing a logo/website/graphics for me?

We’ll help you set the standards for your brand visuals, including a mood board, color selection, font selection, and stock image curation. We are not creating final assets such as logos, Instagram graphics, or web pages. You have the freedom to work with your choice of designer after the SourceBook is complete, with the confidence that you’ll be able to guide their work effectively.

Am I ready for a VIP Intensive?

In almost all cases, people who get the highest return on investment of this work have already created (at least) their first offer and have sold it a few times. This gives you powerful insight into your process, clients, and goals. If this doesn’t describe you, I have other products and programs that are a better fit for your stage of business, like Brand New Brand.

Will this work for my type of business?

I work primarily with coaches, consultants, creatives, and course creators. However, my client roster includes a trucking company, software-as-a-service brands, physical products (eCommerce), influencers, and traditional service-based brands. If your brand sells to humans, this process works.

What if I don’t like what you create?

This has never happened. 🙂 For a few reasons: first, I’ve been doing this work for nearly a decade and have honed my process to extract a powerful brand from the humans I have the honor to work with. Second: you aren’t going to be surprised by what I deliver. Your brand is a reflection of YOU—your vision, your personality, your beliefs, etc. I’m not picking a brand for you out of thin air – I’m crafting one based on everything true about you.

How does this compare to your courses and programs?

In Brand New Brand, I walk you through defining your brand standards. This is the done-for-you version of that course. My other courses complement this process and do not overlap – Brandfluency gives you a deep dive into your top archetypes. Convert with a Quiz is about lead generation. The Brand Advantage is about creating results and momentum through daily action-taking. My Amplify Accelerator mentorship program once your brand is established, where you focus on *being* your brand.