Building a Thriving Brand: Navigating Growth and Recession with Erik Huberman

Building a Thriving Brand: Navigating Growth and Recession

Join us for an engaging episode with Erik Huberman, the dynamic CEO of Hawke Media, a rapidly growing company with unique insights into thousands of brands. Discover his powerful marketing framework that consistently delivers incredible results for clients. 

But what truly stands out is the exploration of the broader market context. Learn how businesses are thriving in diverse economic environments, adapting to headwinds with Erik’s valuable insights.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO of “Your Outsourced CMO,” Erik has played a pivotal role in growing over 3,000 global brands, leading Hawke Media to a valuation exceeding $150 million. His expertise as a writer and thought leader is featured in top publications like Rolling Stone, Forbes, and Inc.

Don’t miss this captivating conversation with Erik Huberman, as he generously shares his wealth of experience and knowledge.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [2:14] Erik’s entrepreneurial journey
  • [3:41] The Hawke Method
  • [5:11] Case studies with the Hawke Method
  • [6:02] Confirmation bias and branding
  • [9:06] Understanding customer aspirations
  • [11:55] Leveraging AI for data-driven marketing strategies
  • [17:01] How Hawk Media sustains brand culture amid rapid growth
  • [18:51] Leadership resilience in times of growth and recession
  • [25:15] What’s in store for Erik and Hawke Media
  • [27:12] The power of brand consistency

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