4 Ways to Build Your Brand With More Than One Ideal Client

Truth #1: It will be less complex, easier to manage – and less expensive – to hone in on ONE ideal audience, and build your brand around them.

Truth #2: Sometimes that’s just not the reality of business. (There. I said it! 🤣) 

Your ideal audience might not always fit into one tidy container. (Unpopular belief, perhaps – but based on #truth.)

To be clear, I am a proponent of simplicity – especially when you are just starting in business. But as your brand evolves, you may find you need to speak to multiple ideal audiences…

Perhaps you deliver a service in two ways – to two similar yet distinct groups. (This might look like 1:1 work and an online course… or comprehensive VIP services and an abbreviated offer that meets newer people where they’re at.) Or maybe you sell a few types of products – and you target different ideal buyers for each.

While it can be a little tricky, you can absolutely manage your brand elegantly for multiple audiences – if you have an intentional strategy.

So, in this 🎥  video lesson, I’m outlining 4 Ways to Build Your Brand With More Than One Ideal Client – while remaining clear, consistent, and compelling. 

Caveat Emptor: This topic’s advanced… but regardless of your tenure as an entrepreneur, I know you’ll gain a new insight or two.

Push play to learn! 

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Brand Strategy for More than one ideal client - pin

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