Elevate Your Brand with Photography with Lindley Battle

How can you elevate your brand with photography? 

It goes without saying that your photos are an essential part of your brand. When you align your vision, mission, brand style, and photography together, you develop a cohesive and memorable brand.

Lindley Battle is a fine art photographer and visual brand expert who runs an international wedding photography studio and a visual branding agency. Across the board, Lindley is passionate about an authentic approach to visual storytelling and living with an intuition-driven and wildly transparent love for life.

We talk about:

  • [1:30] How Lindley got started in the photography industry
  • [2:50] Where to start when it comes to brand photography 
  • [4:30] How our photography impacts the story we tell about our brand
  • [6:10] Lindley’s creative process
  • [7:55] Tips for finding the right photographer
  • [10:55] Mistakes to avoid when it comes to brand photography
  • [14:30] Growing through business challenges
  • [17:35] Lindley’s guiding principles and values in life and business
  • [19:10] The best investments Lindley has made in her business

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