3 Steps to Writing a Compelling Brand Origin Story

So, maybe you weren’t bitten by a radioactive spider. 🕷 

(No superhuman strength, speed, or agility, either? And you can’t cling to walls or cast a web? Bummer.) 🤣

Well, guess what? Your Brand Origin Story still matters. And it matters a lot. In fact, how you tell it will have a massive impact on whether people think you’re worth paying attention to, following – and buying from.

(And BTW, this all-important story is also high leverage. You’ll use it when you appear on podcasts and stages… on your website’s ‘About Me’ page… in your lead magnets and email sequences… everywhere! )

So, in this week’s vlog post, I’m sharing my 3-part framework for crafting your most compelling brand origin story. The process I’m about to review will make it so much EASIER for you to write yours… so take some notes as you watch. 

*Oh and juuuust in case you didn’t catch the Spiderman origin story up there, that’s the spider connection.  🤓

Pssst… You can pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌

Brand Origin Story

Pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌



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