Brand Mastery: From Individual to Empire with Laura Bull

Brand Mastery: From Individual to Empire with Laura Bull

In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we dive deep into the world of branding and marketing with Laura Bull, a best-selling author and seasoned brand strategist. Laura brings her wealth of experience from a decade at Sony Music Entertainment and her insights as a recognized leader in transforming individuals into influential and competitive business brands. We explore the nuances and intersections of branding and marketing, delving into what it takes to build a successful personal brand. Laura shares her unique perspective on achieving brand clarity, the importance of owning your image, and the strategies behind expanding your influence from an individual level to an empire.

We talk about: 

[01:26] Branding vs. Marketing

[02:34] Building a personal brand

[05:24] What makes a successful brand

[07:40] Get brand clarity

[10:31] Brand matrix

[13:15] Owning your image

[18:29] Redefining and growing your influence

[23:06] Individual to empire

[26:03] Unique revenue streams

[28:04] Where to find Laura

[28:19] Grow your personal brand

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