5 Simple Mantras to Motivate Your Brand Building

Dory from Finding Nemo says, “Just keep swimming” – and while that’s good advice, I rely on my own set of mantras to get me through the work week. After all, we can’t all live by the words of a forgetful fish. But before I dive into my personal mantras, allow me to explain the importance of self-affirmation…

When it comes to your business, your best work relies on confidence. Constantly doubting or second-guessing yourself only causes you to aim lower and act slower. When you believe in yourself and in your process, that’s when you’ll surprise yourself; when your best work will shine and you’ll be your proudest. Professionally, we all crave this feeling. Unfortunately, most of us are also our own worst critics. And believe me: one of the most destructive things you can do for your career is to work against yourself. You need to be on Team You. Always in your own corner. Every day.

YOU are “BAE” to you now. Got it?



Mantras may not necessarily seem like an effective method for dealing with self-doubt, but there’s a lot of power in inner-peace and the mindspace that comes with self-reflection. By focusing your energy on positive words and affirmations, you’re often able to ease anxiety and self-doubt, presenting your best self from the get go. (It’s kind of a win-win, guys!)


These are some of my favorite mantras*.

*Which I repeat to myself on the regular.

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Selling Is Inviting.

The party must go on, whether your customer is there or not. Rather than stress over certain people showing up or hitting a benchmark goal, focus on throwing a killer party for the people who DID come. Be present and welcoming – not just at the beginning, but always. Building a reputation for being hospitable, reliable, and friendly is all you need to strive for. That’s the kind of rapport that will follow you throughout your career – and eventually, the people who didn’t show initially will wish that they had.

Even if you struggle with low attendance to an event or webinar, fewer sales than you had hoped for, or low engagement, you’re still getting your name out there to all of your email contacts by promoting your brand. The way you position yourself – especially in response to setbacks – is crucial. Instead of focusing on what didn’t go your way, showcase the things that did. Extend your gratitude. Follow up. Each impression you make is another chance to gain a brand fan (and perhaps even spark a li’l word-of-mouth marketing).


My Voice is Worth Sharing.

I am a blend of my experiences, talents, and worldview. And guess what? SO ARE YOU. No one else on this Earth has the same blend of knowledge or can offer exactly what you can. That means that your ideas are unique and valuable. For every ounce of book smarts, street smarts, biz savvy, or courage you have, there are people out there looking for help from someone *just* like you. You are enough exactly as you are. It’s a competitive world we live in. For most of us, there are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people out there in our line of work; applying for the same jobs, competing for the same customers and clients. It isn’t enough to keep your head down and just go through the motions. To truly exceed at what you do, you need to use your voice and believe in what you’re saying. The best changes begin with a great idea.


Fall in Love with the Process, not the Results.

The truth is, you can only control what you put into your work, not what you get out of it. Show up. Do the work. Be visible. Provide value. Anticipate needs. Spread the word. These are all things you can control – and to be successful (and stay sane!), this is where you need to devote your energy.

Once your turn is over, it’s out of your hands. For example, you can’t always predict money, but you can adjust your budget. You can’t control web traffic, but you can increase your visibility with an awesome marketing strategy. You may not beat your sales goal, but you can learn how to optimize for next time. You can’t choose if people will love or hate you, but you can decide how to respond. The point is: your best shot at success (and happiness, for that matter) is to give it your best whenever the ball’s in your court, and not focus on things that are out of your control.


Certainty Sells.

Define what you stand for and be that unapologetically. Even if people don’t always agree with you, they’ll respect your boldness and conviction. The best brands out there are successful in large part because they have a clear identity. They’re able to build a solid foundation of brand fans because they give their audience something to connect with. In life and in marketing, it’s important to know that you can’t please everyone. So rather than try (and inevitably fail), it’s best to stay dedicated to your ideal customers and clients. The easiest way to do that? Stay true to YOU.

When you’re doing the kind of work you’re best at and most passionate about, you’ll be more compelling to your audience. Nobody wants to buy a product or service from someone who isn’t sure, so you’ll need a stronger mantra than “I think I can, I think I can.” You should know it in your *bones*. To convert, you’ll need people to feel that they’re making a sound investment, that they’re in good hands. That’s why it’s so important that you put your best foot forward. Even better than selling with confidence is when you’re able to exceed expectations. Back up your claims with some jaw-dropping work and you’ve got yourself a loyal client for life.


Leadership Requires Visibility.

To be an effective leader, you *have to* be an influencer; and you can’t do that by being invisible. You don’t need to be on the face of magazines or called in for an interview on Ellen. There’s a great big gray area between scraping by and hitting gold. So whether or not you’re striving to be a household name, it’s key that you stay relevant and active in your industry. Keep them coming back for more.

Staying in-the-know is important, but don’t spend so much time consuming other people’s content that you aren’t putting out your own. Content is King. Be it a YouTube series, a weekly blog, a TedTalk, webinars… you get the drift. Make sure that your name is out there. Retarget your visitors. Engage with your communities. Network. Explore your niche. Make connections. It’s through this kind of publicity that you’ll assert yourself as a leader.


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Do these mantras help? Absolutely. But I’m not exactly selling out the Colonel’s Secret Recipe here. We all understand the basic infrastructure that goes into building a brand: know what you’re selling, package it in a way that resonates with people, and get visible. But we don’t all do it because it’s a heck of a lot easier said than done. We fear failure. We fear being judged… and too often, that self-doubt stops us before we start.

So start right now.

Do more than “think” you can.

Take action now and get ready along the way. After all, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. (#Physics) So let’s jump in full-blast and start making moves, shall we? Even if that just means that you start slowly – like, oh, I don’t know… by repeating your own personal mantras.
Oh, and totally not required, but bonus points if you get your mantra on like this:

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Choose Your Future
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Selling Is Inviting
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Fall in love with the process, not the results.
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Leadership Requires Visibility
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Certainty Sells
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My Voice Is Worth Sharing
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