Your Best Brand Indoctrination Emails

Picture this business utopia:

Your email list is a perfectly curated collection of your dream clients. These individuals understand exactly what you sell. They trust that you deliver on your promises and *know* that you are an expert in your industry. They have formed an emotional connection with you and value who you are at your core. They even have some of the same wild beliefs about this crazy world as you do. Or if they don’t agree, they respect you enough to understand that you won’t agree on everything. They recognize you, your message, and your services no matter where they encounter your brand. If they aren’t already paying customers, they will be when the time is right.

Are you anywhere close to this email list utopia?

Well I’m here to tell you that, with a little guidance, this dream can become a reality.

You just need to work on your Brand Indoctrination Emails. (Yes, I’ve jazzed up what others like to call your “welcome email sequence.” #branding #archetypes… kindof my things. 😉

Brand Indoctrination Emails

I currently have 26 emails in my “Brand Insights” Welcome Sequence. BUT don’t let that intimidate you! It took me months (years?) to get my welcome emails to the level they’re at today. You don’t need to start planning out a complex labyrinth of emails. In fact, I’d argue that your first *TWO* emails are the *most* important and *best* place to start.

🎥  Now, before we move on… I know that not everyone consumes information in the same way. Some people lloovveee to read while other people would much rather listen to lessons in the background. Either way, I have you covered. In the video lesson below, I talk about the first two emails you should write for your welcome sequence. OR keep scrolling to read the text version.

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The first two emails of your Brand Indoctrination Sequence are the most important emails you will ever send to your audience.

When someone new enters your orbit and signs up for your email list… in that moment… they are as interested in you as they will *ever* be. They are paying close attention because you’ve promised them something for signing up. It’s what we entrepreneurs love to call *an ethical bribe*. “Sign up for my email list and you’ll get this freebie.”

They are expecting something from you and it’s time for you to D-E-L-I-V-E-RSo your first email to your new subscribers is *all* about them and your promise to them.

*NOTE: If you’re sending an email to confirm that they want to sign up (a double opt-in), we call that “email 0.” Many of us have this step to comply with government regulations. But remember – add some brand pizzazz to this email as well! Never use generic confirmations. Always ensure every customer touch point is on brand.

Pin for reference or to read later!

^^^ Pin for reference or to read later! ^^^

Your First Email

If I had to summarize your first email in two words, those two words would be…

 >>> Radical Generosity <<<

Your first email should be clear, concise, and generous!

This doesn’t necessarily mean giving away your *longest” or most *intense” piece of content. It means giving them a piece of content that can have an immediate impact on their life. You want to immediately prove you are worth their time. You are as *amazing* as you look. You will *deliver* on your promises – paid client or not. This is your first step to gaining a whole new level of trust with someone new to your sphere. 

Also, I cannot stress this enough…clear is better than clever.

You have a whole customer lifecycle to let your wit shine. Don’t use it on this first email. Each day, your audience is offered dozens of options to opt-in to email lists. A lot of people will forget about you seconds after they’ve opted-in. So be clear in your subject that you are delivering something *THEY* requested to ensure they open your email and send that email ASAP. There’s no benefit to you in waiting to email your freebie.

Your Second Email

Now, the second email you write for your Brand Indoctrination Sequence is where you really get to *shine*. Everything personal you can do in this email works to your advantage. 😉 Did you collect their name when they signed up for your email list? Then use it! Include their name in the subject line to start building that emotional connection. Then, tell them a story about yourself, your experience, or your business. Invite this person into the life behind the brand. Make sure they know there’s a living, breathing, *awesome* person behind the business.

Don’t be afraid to share your belief statements and opinions in this email as well. Your brand has to have an opinion to stand out. Now is a great time to pull your ideal clients in closer. They’ll respect your opinions and the raw honestly in sharing beliefs – even (and especially) those that not everyone agrees with. Yes – you may lose a few followers when you share your beliefs, but they weren’t your people. The subscribers that stick around are now an even *stronger* selection of future potential clients.

This second email is also your chance to invite your audience to get closer to you and be more involved in your brand.  Share your social media channels or invite them to a *closed* Facebook group (if you have one). Give them exclusive access to more freebies or share insider advice you only tell your followers.

So, your homework: Get these two emails completed and into an email automation. Remember, you’ve already invested the time and money to pull in these leads. To put this in perspective: If only half the people who join your list open your first email, you’ve doubled your cost per lead. Maximize your investment by getting your Brand Indoctrination Sequence set and you’ll start the process of building strong, emotional connections with your subscribers!



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