Building a Brand with Intention and Authenticity with Phil Pallen

Building a Brand with Intention and Authenticity

What’s the importance of building a brand with intention and authenticity? 

How you position your brand and services is important, do you know how your target audience feels when they come across your brand?

Exploring this conversation with me is Phil Pallen, a personal branding expert and keynote speaker. His non-conventional approach to digital marketing and talent for social media has built him a global audience.

As a brand strategist, Phil has advised hundreds of brands from over 30 countries, including a Shark on Shark Tank, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, politicians, and some of the most important names in entertainment. A digital nomad and globetrotter, Phil has delivered speeches on five different continents and frequently appears as an expert contributor in media outlets around the world, including CNN, Access Hollywood, and The Daily Mail.

We talk about:

  • [1:55] How Phil helps people build their brands
  • [2:50] What Phil is excited about working on right now
  • [6:15] The one non-negotiable when building a brand
  • [7:55] The results that come with having brand clarity
  • [10:20] Leveraging branding in new business ventures
  • [16:05] How Phil defines his brand
  • [23:15] Tips for creating an intentional brand and business
  • [25:05] How to build a sustainable business
  • [29:50] What Phil wants all entrepreneurs to know
  • [32:10] The biggest catalyst to Phil’s success

Resources mentioned in episode:

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    Connect with Kaye here:



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