Create brand clarity, momentum, and results quicker than you ever thought possible in a 30-day brand-expanding sprint.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who’s beyond READY to create better results?

Been trying #allthethings but people aren’t buying, so you know that there’s a disconnect somewhere? 🧐

Honestly feeling discouraged after learning so much, but still have no idea what to DO? 📚

Tired of yo-yo revenue and unsustainable income? 💸

Feeling unsure… and unsure what you’re unsure about? 😖

It’s no wonder smart entrepreneurs are getting frustrated and stuck.


Input Overwhelm

With podcasts upon webinars upon courses upon books – the volume of noise makes it near impossible to hear our inner voice. 


Lots of Ideas, Little Action

Have you ever made a plan or strategy that you didn’t follow through on? Have notebooks full of ideas? (BEEN THERE.)


Busy Without Results

As a solopreneur or a leader with a few contractors, you only have so many hours in the day. The things you work on NEED to move the needle. 


Give me 30 days of focus, and I’ll show you what’s possible. The Brand Advantage is the “learning by BEING” experience designed to create results in 30 days. Once you have the brand clarity, visibility systems, and psychological conditions set – you’ll never want to stop growing.


0.0 } Core Operating System

Before the live class even starts, you’ll create the conditions in your schedule, business AND life to succeed.

0.1 } Conditions for Success: Before we do anything, we create the conditions that make it inevitable for you to succeed. The reason so many courses sit on dusty digital shelves is because they skip this part entirely.

0.2 } High-Leverage Habits: The heartbeat of this experience includes mastering three core habits… publishing, making offers, and making upgrades. I’ll teach you how to incorporate all three into your schedule.

0.3 } Evidence of Success: We’ll track your progress and wins every step of the way so you know exactly how successful you are. There will also be contests & leaderboards as a part of the experience to make every step FUN.

1.0 } Irresistible Identity

Before we start selling, we need to be clear on who we are. This module will unlock your unique & differentiated brand identity so you stand out and shine.

1.1 } Your Unique Magic: Own Your Edges on steroids. Let’s uncover all the weird, wonderful parts of you that we can highlight to attract dream clients to your brand.

1.2 } Proprietary Process: We all have a unique genius to serve the world with. We’ll build your proprietary process around the types of work that lights you up, where you naturally deliver the best results.

2.0 } Client Inception

Get inside the brains & dreams of your ideal client in week two.

2.1 } Ideal Client Clarity: Typical ‘ideal client avatars’ are a waste of time. We’ll dive into the psychology of your ideal client to identify the messages they will resonate with most.

2.2 } Designing a Transformation: Let’s design an offer that practically sells itself. 

3.0 } Content that Converts

Content is the gravity that attracts & keeps potential clients in your brand orbit. And it doesn’t need to be overwhelming to keep up with! 

3.1 } Magnetic Content Matrix: there are 4 types of content you need to be publishing if you want to attract qualified ideal clients. We’ll build out your content strategy & story vault to sell more. 

3.2 } Visibility Machine: I’m an automation geek – I’ll teach you how to stay consistent with content, even if you’re a team of 1.

4.0 } Become Known

Once we get the creation rhythm underway, we’ll work to template-ize the process so it can be streamlined. And more than that – the brand standards you set will become what people know, remember, and love you for.

4.1 } Essential Standards: create the memory triggers to help people remember your brand. This will cement how everything in your brand fits together as you move forward.

4.2 } Language Leverage: When you name things, they become yours. Whenever someone references your framework, idea, or program – they’ll be promoting your brand. By creating Language Leverage, you’ll be creating brand assets.


Weekly Q&A's with Kaye


Bonus 1-on-1 with Kaye

Completion bonus for those who complete the qualifying steps.

Daily Visibility Prompts

My name is Kaye, like the letter.

Oh, hey there! This is the part where I share my impressive credentials so you trust I’m the right person to lead you through this experience. 

And yes – I have those. From first working in media, to a digital agency, and now as a strategist for 6- and 7-figure online brands – I’ve worked behind the curtain of thousands of brands. My clients have graced TEDx stages, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and a lot more.

But I think what’s more relevant is that I started my own brand at absolute ZERO. My first few years were seriously awkward. I was trying to “model” what “successful people” were doing, and failing. It wasn’t until I tapped into my own magic and got INTO ACTION did things start to take off.

I designed the Brand Advantage to strip down the brand-building process into a simple series of action steps. I want to help you create as much momentum as possible NOW, so that you can continue to grow with me over time. (Selfish maybe? I want YOU to be my next case study.)

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You’re 30 days away from brand clarity, consistent visibility, and more clients.

What’s Different in the Brand Advantage

Support, Accountability, & Green Lights

I know that often you just need to be able to check in to see if you’re going in the right direction. The structure of the program will provide the direction, and I’ll be there to check in with you and get you moving if you get stuck.

Clear Success Metrics & Steps

The program is designed to get your brand more visible, and as a result, create more sales conversations. All of the action steps in the program are aligned to this ultimate goal. We’ll be tracking your success metrics so you’ll know exactly how what you are doing is improving your business. 

Psychological Trickery

I’m only half-kidding. If our reptile brain is given the choice, the last thing it wants to do is to change & become more successful. To reach the goals your concious mind desires, I’ve installed multiple systems inside the program to bypass our animal brain’s self-sabatoge tendancies.

Results from the Brand Advantage

Love It Guarantee

Invest in your brand with confidence. If you go through the orientation modules and decide that the Brand Advantage isn’t for you before the live class starts on April 26th, just let me know and I’ll happily refund your investment.

© 2021 Kaye Putnam. All rights reserved. Results from the program will vary, depending on your level action-taking, previous experience, and abilities.