The Secret to a Brand that Resonates: Applying Archetypes to Your Strategy

Are you ready to unlock your creative superpowers and take your business to the next level? 🤩

Then it sounds like you’re in the right place!

I’m going to show you how applying brand archetypes can transform your life – yes, really! 🤗 Thousands of my students have already taken my Brandfluency courses and seen incredible results.

So come along with me as I share a few sneak peaks into this amazing process and get ready for an ‘ah-ha’ moment that will give you clarity on how to be your best brand self.

Let’s do this! 💪🏼

Importance of Brand Archetypes

🤩 Who doesn’t love the deliciousness of ice cream? But it’s not just about the taste, you can also tell a story through your brand.

(More on ice cream in the video.)

A brief recap..

Halo Top = Innocent Archetype
Godiva = Lover Archetype
Ben & Jerry’s = Maverick Archetype 

That’s where archetypes come in! They help us create a distinct personality and stand out from other competitors who are selling similar products. 😎 

💡 Archetypes are incredibly powerful tools for entrepreneurs because they provide a filter to hone in on our best ideas. We can choose themes or metaphors to share with our audience and embody certain values that reflect our brand. Plus, we get to have fun creating stories and content that will captivate people! 

Archetype Foundation & Inspiration

When it comes to visuals in particular, archetypes really shine. By taking cues from successful brands across industries, we can craft something that’s entirely our own. We don’t have to replicate other businesses in our field; instead we can pull ideas that speak deeply on universal human desires.

Whether it be website design or product packaging – no matter where we look for inspiration -we’re sure to find something special that speaks volumes about who are are as a brand. 😍

And when done right – all these pieces will come together like magic ⚡️to form one cohesive, powerful package.

Archetype Visuals

Using archetypes as inspiration for visuals is one of my favorite things to do! 💖

Not only can it help bring personality into your branding but it also makes it easier for people to connect with what your business stands for. It’s like finding a common language between you and your customer. And when they feel understood and appreciated, they’re much more likely to become loyal customers who will stick around for years.

Plus, there’s bonus training inside each course so you get plenty of ideas on how best to plan photo shoots or pick photographers based on their experience with different types of brands or stories.

Story Telling & Brand Messaging

Copywriting and messaging can be tricky, but I have plenty of support for you in the archetype courses! 🤓

One great resource outlines different lessons specifically tailored to each archetype – – all 12 of them! 

💡They have sample headlines, on-brand language word banks and story prompts to help guide your content in the right direction.

📝Ultimately, your word choice and framing of a story is key to ensure that it resonates with the right emotions. By being intentional in this way, you can ensure you’re putting your best foot forward and truly serving the world with your unique story! 🌍

Brand Archetype Recap

Brand archetypes provide a powerful way to create emotionally resonant content that helps build trust and shorten sales cycles. By using archetypes, you can inform your brand voice, design decisions, strategic business directions, and storytelling.

Examples abound in the Brandfluency Archetype courses which offer photo and video sets, copywriting guidance, and advice on how to blend two archetypes together, + SO much more. With all these tools, you can create content that speaks directly to your ideal customers and helps them connect with your brand on a deeper level.

So go out there, discover your own archetype, and start building an emotionally resonant brand!

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