How Does ADHD Impact Entrepreneurship? with Taryn Dickey

How Does ADHD Impact Entrepreneurship? with Taryn Dickey

How does having ADHD impact entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are mostly fast-paced, always dreaming up one idea to the next. But can any of that be attributed to ADHD? Or having ADHD and not being diagnosed? 

In this episode, Taryn Dickey joins me to talk about the superpowers of ADHD and how having ADHD impacts entrepreneurship. 

Taryn helps women entrepreneurs see their ADHD as a superpower, instead of fighting against it. She is a former school counselor who has been mentoring and coaching women entrepreneurs for the last 8 years. She believes that neurodivergent brains are pretty freaking cool and a lot of the challenges ADHDers struggle with are just regular human kinds of struggles — but because we don’t fit into a pretty little “worker bee” box — we get a bad rap.

Her mission is to change that perception and help women embrace their ADHD as a gift — not a deficit. She uses her expertise with an MEd in counseling to help her clients focus on their executive skills and provide tangible action-based steps and strategies so they see long-lasting transformation in their lives.

We talk about:

  • [4:00] What business looks like for someone with ADHD

  • [9:20] The process behind building a successful business when you have ADHD

  • [12:45] The executive function skills that people with ADHD struggle with, and how it can impact business

  • [18:10] Leveraging the beneficial aspects of ADHD

  • [20:50] Tips to structuring your offers

  • [25:30] Setting boundaries to create structure

  • [29:25] Taryn’s favorite way to learn

Resources mentioned in episode:

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    Connect with Kaye here:



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