5 Steps to Move Past Comparison-itis As an Entrepreneur

Caution: Scary post ahead… 😵

Dinner’s in the oven. The dishes are done. You love being your own boss and being able to cut out at 4:45 to start dinner! 

All is well. You smile. 

You have about ten quiet minutes before your family smells the deliciousness and starts showing up in your kitchen. 😉 So, you plop down at the kitchen counter and open up Instagram

Oops. Big mistake. 

As you scroll, that lovely sense of wellbeing you were feeling starts circling your kitchen drain… 🌪️

>>> Because that woman who does the same thing you do…? Her IG story from today is perfect. Like, literally perfect. (Why didn’t you think of saying that?) 

>>> And that influencer you (and 70K others) follow? His infographic got 488 comments in four minutes. (That’s like two comments per SECOND!! Wth???)

>>> And the last straw? You see someone from YOUR mastermind. (YOUR mastermind… so she’s at YOUR level in business…) And she went live today. 

Instead of cheering her on…  you’re sitting in your kitchen feeling a hot, burning sensation rising in your throat…

What is that feeling? … Why, it’s the Green-Eyed Monster…

AKA Entrepreneur Comparison-itis😟

It forces you to ask things like, 

Why do other people naturally know what to say when they go live – or write a blog post or record a podcast? (…while you were unable to eek out one social post today). 

How does someone who has, like a bajillion competitors just show up confidently and “own” her space? (…while you just feel like you’re drowning in a sea of rival brands). 

How are people with less experience than you (and less talent, frankly) signing clients right and left? (…when you haven’t signed one in weeks – or months?) 

And the scariest part about this comparison-itis monster in your kitchen? It’s keeping you scared and stuck – and you’re not making the income you want to because of it. (Because you’re not showing up for your business, yourself, or the people you can help.) 

But, there is good news, Genius… 

I know how to quell the monster – and BANISH COMPARISON-ITIS for good. 🤓  

And in this video lesson, I’m outlining…

5 Steps to Move Past Comparison-itis As an Entrepreneur!

Push play to learn!

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Entrepreneur Comparisonitis and Brand Strategy

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  1. Latoya Antonia

    I want you to know that you ARE that woman I look at and think, my word every word she says is perfect, every post, pin, video is beautiful in every way. I am not the green eyed monster bahaaa but I wanted you to know that I am one of a Gagillion entrepreneurs looking at you thinking she reached and landed on the stars and is sharing new dimensions and gold from up there. Thank you, you are using your gift so INCREDIBLY. Huge Blessings, Latoya.

    • Kaye Putnam

      You’re so incredibly kind to say so! I still feel like a hot mess many days, but I will definitely receive that compliment. THANK YOU.


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